New! Full Perm Branding Kit!

I have a New Full Perm Branding Kit available on the marketplace! It’s been requested to design something for tha fellas, so I hope this will work for someone out there 🙂 The package is called N3WPORT and includes a variety of important graphic design assets to get you started with a new shop or rebrand. Please be advised that these kits are not limited edition and are sold to more than one buyer. Please modify these templates to avoid resembling another buyer. You MUST have knowledge of editing Photoshop psd files, as customization services are not available. N3WPORT is a placeholder and can easily be changed to anything!

N3WPORT Package contents:
All files are fully editable
♡ 1 logo design
♡ 1 texture hud design
♡ 1 unpacker hud design
♡ 2 social media banners [ facebook & flickr ]
♡ 1 marketplace banner & icon
♡ 1 profile / land pick image
♡ 1 poster design
♡ 3 price tag designs
♡ 2 instagram posts
♡ 1 mesh gift card design

Available on TR Marketplace

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