Truly Outrageous Fashion

Custom Order:
Truly Outrageous Fashion
Store Branding Kit

For those that are curious as to what this order consists of content wise…

Order Contents:
Logo Design
Mesh Logo Design – Static
Mesh Logo Design – Animated
Mesh Gift Card Design
3 Poster Designs
Texture HUD Kit – consists of png stickers, swatches, slot holders, web buttons, icons and bases
Unpacker HUD Design
Social Media Design
Mesh Event Booths – all modular, low land impact, custom textured and designed
Mesh Vendor Frames
Mesh Hanging Product Boxes
Mesh Shoeboxes
Mesh Star Frames
Mesh Words – Fatpack, Minipack, Megapack, Buy and Demo
Mesh Shelves
Mesh Hooks

My final design packages include all files seen in the preview. In psd, jpeg, ai, png, dae, obj, maya scene and inworld objects provided for example purposes, alongside textures and material maps where needed. The whole order is carefully curated and designed to match the customers references for Jem and the Holograms. My packages are delivered inworld with mesh objects and then organized in folders to ensure easy unpacking with a downloadable file.