Limited Availabilty

It’s that time of year where I my availability to accept custom orders gets a little dicey! I do have a pretty long wait list piling up and I am working through that slowly but surely, however the next few months will slow me down to a sloth’s pace at best.

From August – November, I am super focused on building / organizing Spookzilla [my halloween hunt]. In November, I usually crash TF out and take a month long hiatus from anything SL related. Then in December I pick customs back up again and roll into the new year! Since I have an existing wait list, these people have first priority, as they have been waiting at least 4 weeks as I post this notice. So if you are on it, I will be in touch shortly. I am just making sure, that I have time to accept things and work on the build for hunt. Its a hard balance, so I appreciate your patience and willingness to work with me in the coming months.

Something I must address, I do not accept money, bribes, cross promotion or anything that you feel is valuable enough to give me in order to jump my line. I have never worked this way, ever, because I appreciate everyone who fills out the form and I try to offer an equal opportunity for anyone, at any level of business to work with me. I cannot be bought like this. I understand that there are time factors and that budgets need to be met, some people don’t have 2-4 months to wait. I understand. However, I am just 1 person and I do accept so much work, I am simply doing the best I can to service this community. I appreciate if you can find a way to respect that and handle business like a professional. If we can’t work together for a current project, surely we can do something later, if its that important to you. I am grateful for everyone! Even when we cannot make it work out. Your interest in my work means the world to me.

If you would like to inquire about anything, please send me a note inworld. I will do my best to answer. I will post updates and if anything changes with time, I will definitely make an announcement.

Big kisses!
Toxxic Rhiannyr

TR Mainstore Sale

The [TR] Mainstore is having a 50% off sale from now until August 5th! Event booths are marked down to 250L each and other mesh assets are from 75-175L ish! After this sale is over I will be taking the inworld location down to prepare for my annual Halloween Hunt sim design! I haven’t decided if it will return after, probably at some point. So if you would like to see my booths in person, please visit the shop before the end of the sale. The marketplace will ofc be staying online 🙂

[TR] Mainstore

Spookzilla 2022

Applications are now open for my annual Halloween Hunt titled Spookzilla! This will be the 10th anniversary and it is shaping up to be one of the largest hunts that I have organized to date! I am particularly strict with the hiding policy, however I am open to accept all store types, doesn’t matter if you are new or veteran to creating content for SL. As long as you can provide work references via marketplace or flickr and have quality content, you are invited to come along for the ride! Apps will close sometime in September! Welcome packs start going out in August, so there is plenty of time to sign up, however the sooner the better so I know what I’m working with! Check out my FB page for past hunts, traffic and bookmark it for announcements and information for this year’s festivities!

I am already like soo excited! Thank you in advance to anyone who shares this post and / or signs up! You guys all make this possible and I am forever grateful for your continued support! LFG SL!!!!



[TR] Vendor Layouts

I have added another set of vendor ad layouts to my current marketplace listing. There are now 11 sets, totaling 150 templates. Each template is a fully editable PSD file. Any font will work, but most are Google Fonts. I encourage you to modify these files so you don’t look like another store. Lots of ideas can come from these files, so please be creative!

[TR] Mesh Neon Social Media Icons

It’s been a while since I have released something on my store. I just don’t have time to do both custom and regular products. But I have wanted to make these for some time and I saw some ugly ones so ha ha, in my break this week I had time to finish them up! I hope they will be of some use to someone. ♥ Oh & my son graduates tonight! I can’t believe it! Just soo many things happening irl atm! I will be back to a normal schedule next week!

[TR] Mesh Neon Social Media Icons

Listing Details:
♡ 24 mesh objects [actually 36 because I included a “turn off disabled group”]
♡ 12 animated / 12 static
♡ 1 land impact each
♡ URL script
♡ light textures & scripts
♡ tinted objects for easy coloring!

Read the notecard for set up! Its easy! Drag and Drop scripts! Make sure to save a backup in case you fork them up!

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