Warm Animations

Hiyas! I have been working with the store Warm Animations for the past few months on a HUGE project that is set to change the way you work with deformers in SecondLife! Today the full pack of the deformer HUD system was released, so I invite you all to take a look and see if it will be the right fit for you!

The majority of us probably use deformers in ways of attaching separate pieces to our bodies, thus taking up attachment spots and sometimes its just plain confusing. Warm Animations has taken the time to create several deformer HUDs that would eliminate the multiple attachment slots and make it easier to customize your avatar, you can even save presets! I will link you below to all the information and instructional videos!

I am really proud of this project, its been a big deal for me as I have never worked exclusively with an animation company in SL, so I hope that you can appreciate the designs and functionality of this whole system. Whether you purchase the single huds or the full pack, you are supporting creators that want to make a difference in your experience in SL and we put a lot of time and love into this project! Thanks for checking it out!

Full Body Deformers HUD – Videos
Mainstore – Click Deformers on the Teleporter

It’s NOT just a logo

It’s NOT just a logo. I offer way more than “just” designing a texture or graphic. There are many variables that are considered when crafting a brand identity. If you are looking for someone to “JUST” make a logo, please go to Fiverr. If you are wanting someone to curate a custom color palette,  design an experience, tailor a package that meets the needs of your unique vision, then you have come to the right hooman.

It’s so much more than a picture. Its the feeling your customers experience when absorbing your content. Sure you can go to someone cheaper or faster, but you are saying ‘no thank you’ to someone who has branded approx. 80% of the businesses inside Second Life. You are saying a hard ‘no’ to someone who has dedicated the last 8 years to coaching and teaching new content creators on how to build a virtual business inside the metaverse. You are passing up an opportunity to have your business seen in a saturated market that renders a lot of the same things. I work extremely hard at crafting the perfect storm of designs that make your brand stand out from all the others, even when they were also designed by me. 🙂 Its a skill. I don’t just make “pictures”, I create timeless pieces of art that can brand you for a SLife-time.

Now booking for May-June 2023

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Things to think about when looking to hire a graphic designer or someone who will assist in shaping your image.

If you aren’t willing to put this kind of thought into your brand, then you clearly aren’t ready to run a full business. My branding packages allow you to have consistency, professionalism, differentiation and versatility. The logo alone is worthless. You should have a whole branding suite that includes the main logo, alternate logos, submarks, brand fonts, curated color palettes, imagery and branding assets. This all makes up a element of style you can then advertise and stand out in a crowd.


I am the last, first impression you will ever need. ♥ Toxxic Rhiannyr