Hie! Thank you so much for checking out my portfolio! If you are interested in ordering custom artwork, please fill out the order form below. Please be aware that I almost always have a waiting list. Once you fill the form out, my assistant will be in contact with you to set up your order. Price sheet below is for SecondLife Residents only. If you are inquiring about artwork for real life or another gaming platform, please email me.

Thank you!

Toxxic Rhiannyr / Artist – Owner
Kynziii / Assistant

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RL inquiries: toxxic817@gmail.com

Waiting List – September

Hiyas! I just wanted to make a post about my current wait times. I am currently booked all the way until September. As I am posting this notice, I cannot accept rush orders or even small orders as I am just super full. Trust me, you guys want me at my absolute best! I am certainly at my limit and if anything changes with that, Kynziii will contact from the waiting list. At this moment, there is no deposit required to be placed on this list. Simply fill the order form out and she will be with you to collect information.

Thank you so much for your cooperation & interest in my services.

Toxxic Rhiannyr