Thank you so much for checking out my portfolio. I am almost always booked and have a waiting list. If you fill out the order form, my assistant will be in contact with you and let you know the current status.

Thank you!

Toxxic Rhiannyr / Artist – Owner
Kynziii / Assistant

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Ordering Artwork

Hi everybody! I have been receiving some weird conversations lately, so I just want to touch on the ordering process… process lol. So upon filling out my order form, that motion doesn’t guarantee you a spot on my schedule. There is a sequence of things that have to happen before you are placed there. Most important thing to know, I don’t hold spots without deposit. So if you haven’t paid anything, your order is NOT being worked on.

After filling the form out, my assistant will reach out within 24 hours. Kynziii will leave you with my cards to fill out. One is a checklist, the other allows you to leave me more details. Filling out the detailed card helps out a ton in consultation. Often I can generate a base idea, so when we meet, I can just confirm my understanding of your thoughts and we go from there. If you are unsure of the kind of designs you are needing, its ok! I am here to help. You can keep the detailed note and use it as a guide to things we will discuss in consult. 🙂

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