TR Custom Service Price Sheet

TR Custom Services Price Sheet

There is a waiting list at this time.
Turnaround times are extended.
I am not accepting rush orders at this time.
I am only accepting a few orders a week.

The linked price sheet is for SecondLife residents only. These estimates are based on starting rates, minus details. Please understand that you are ordering CUSTOM pieces of artwork designed by 1 individual. Your project price is tailored to the product types, turnaround time frames, billable hours and detail. This sheet is provided so you can calculate a ballpark estimate for your desired pieces. Quantity discounts are granted for orders with multiple pieces of art. 

Consultations – Almost every order I accept requires a one on one consultation to go over the details of your order. To secure a consultation date, there is a non-refundable fee of 5,000L due before scheduling. This fee, in most cases, will be applied to your project total, varies per project type.

Thank you! ♥ Stay Safe!

I know we are all going through a hard time right now. I understand that patience is thin and stress is running high for all of us. I ask that you please be polite and courteous to my assistant, as well to myself. We are making ourselves available to assist you as fast as possible. Anyone who wants to display ugly or rude behavior towards either us will be denied service, muted and banned from my businesses in SL. I will not tolerate a smidge of assholey-ness. =)

If you have questions regarding my services, please let Kynziii know. TY

TR Events presents

Save the dates! I have 2 upcoming hunts in the works and applications for stores are now open. If you are interested in participating in either hunt, please fill out their respective google forms and if you are chosen to join us, you will be contacted. Thank you!

The Good Vibes Hunt 2
August 1-14 2020

The 8th Annual Spookzilla Hunt & Costume Party
October 23-31 2020

Unzipping .RAR files

If you don’t have a program that unzips compressed files, you can download this nifty tool to do it for you. All of my final packages come in a .rar zipped file. I do this because I send multiple, high resolution files and it makes for a much tidier download, with folders, labeled and yea … easy.

Come on, step in to 2020 and learn how to unzip files today! RAR Extract Frog

Other popular programs are Winzip, Winrar & 7zip. Not sure about Macs, coz Macs are wacks.