Waiting List

Waiting List Status! I am full! lol I am looking at March for new orders! If you are interested in placing an order for your brand, please fill out my form! I will reach out with my available openings for consultation!

Please be advised that consultations have a non-refundable fee that applies to booking the date / time. This means that if you no show your appointment, you do not receive the fee back and it does not carry over to a new slot. You will have to pay it again to book a new date. Consultation Fee: 5,000L$.

Check out these important links to see if I am the right fit for your brand! Thank you!

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Second Life: Toxxic Rhiannyr
Discord: Toxxic Rhiannyr#6505

Synsational Shorties

This order includes mesh neon and logo render by Andie Genesis

Full Mesh Order Preview
Custom Mesh Words
Custom Mesh Frames, Shelving, Racks
Re-colored Mesh Social Media Icon Package from marketplace
Custom Mesh Gift Cards
Custom Mesh Unpacker HUD

Custom Order Contents : Logo Design, Social Media Banners & Icons, Backgrounds, Patterns, Graphic Elements, Mesh Gift Cards, Mesh Unpacker HUD, 3 Texture HUD edits, 9 Mesh Words, 2 Poster Designs, Mesh Event Booths Broken & Linked, Mesh frames, shelves & racks, Re-colored Mesh Social Media Icon Pack to match & Vendor Layouts. ♥

Kokoro Peachu

Custom Event Booths + Frames + Wording + Neon Sign + Decorative Hearts

Mesh Gift Cards

Animated Unpacker HUD

Literally one of the sweetest people I have met in SL. Thank you for being so so patient with me ♥
I love this package!


TR Mainstore Sale

The [TR] Mainstore is having a 50% off sale from now until August 5th! Event booths are marked down to 250L each and other mesh assets are from 75-175L ish! After this sale is over I will be taking the inworld location down to prepare for my annual Halloween Hunt sim design! I haven’t decided if it will return after, probably at some point. So if you would like to see my booths in person, please visit the shop before the end of the sale. The marketplace will ofc be staying online 🙂

[TR] Mainstore