Client List is closed.

Hi Guys! TYSM for visiting my portfolio! We are going to be closing the client list for now, I am full until April! If you are interested in hiring me to design something for you, we still welcome you to fill the order form, but please keep in mind there are no spots currently open. My assistant will be in contact to gather order information and answer questions.

Thank you!

Toxxic Rhiannyr / Artist – Owner
Kynziii / Assistant

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Event Booths

Hey guys! Soo lots of questions circling about the event booth custom orders … uhm I have taken a lot of time to think about this and I have decided to not do this right now. I took in a couple custom orders for this product and they didn’t go over very well. I do have a couple areas in modeling where I need more practice and skill. My lighting needs to improve and I need to learn how to get these models down even lower in Li. I’m really sorry I jumped the gun on this one. I have contacted everyone who was on my waiting list, but I have taken down all posts about accepting customs. I am open to hearing ideas, maybe I can pull some requests off or work the ideas in to a model for the public. You can send me notecards or Ims if you have something to share with me 🙂

Ty for believing in me and pushing me to learn more and perfect my craft.