Vendetta Price Drop

Our whole line of event / display booths are now 500L each! Visit our mainstore to see displays in person or shop online!

Pay close attention to product details as older models are not modular. Generation 2 [g2] models were created with easy setup in mind. Use frames & shelves if provided or use your own objects.

AO map+inworld objects+mod/copy permissions.

Display containers not included.
Display textures not included.



Suggestions are always welcome!
Not accepting customs at this time.

TR Templates

In a hurry and need a sale flyer or blogger search poster quick? You are in luck! I have pre-made templates that are easy to edit and customize with your own information. No waiting in line! TR Templates are only available on marketplace and have 10 copies available each. Once they are sold out, they are gone! Each package includes a nicely organized psd file and font information. Customization is not available, you MUST know how to use Photoshop to edit!

Click here! Weehoo!