[TR] Vendor Layouts

I have added another set of vendor ad layouts to my current marketplace listing. There are now 11 sets, totaling 150 templates. Each template is a fully editable PSD file. Any font will work, but most are Google Fonts. I encourage you to modify these files so you don’t look like another store. Lots of ideas can come from these files, so please be creative!

[TR] Mesh Neon Social Media Icons

It’s been a while since I have released something on my store. I just don’t have time to do both custom and regular products. But I have wanted to make these for some time and I saw some ugly ones so ha ha, in my break this week I had time to finish them up! I hope they will be of some use to someone. ♥ Oh & my son graduates tonight! I can’t believe it! Just soo many things happening irl atm! I will be back to a normal schedule next week!

[TR] Mesh Neon Social Media Icons

Listing Details:
♡ 24 mesh objects [actually 36 because I included a “turn off disabled group”]
♡ 12 animated / 12 static
♡ 1 land impact each
♡ URL script
♡ light textures & scripts
♡ tinted objects for easy coloring!

Read the notecard for set up! Its easy! Drag and Drop scripts! Make sure to save a backup in case you fork them up!

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[TR] Thank You Next – Branding Kit

[TR] Thank You Next – Branding Kit

These graphic kits are designed for anyone wanting to revamp an existing brand and perfect for a new brand identity! Contents are easy to customize if you are familiar with Photoshop and layered files! Quickly replace text and change colors to give these files a personal touch! Happy creating & tag me on Flickr if you use my work!

Purchase on TR Marketplace!

Package contents:
– logo design / icon / submark
– social media banners
– curated color palette
– 1 mesh gift card design + textures
– 8 mesh vendor designs [l/p]
– 6 mesh frame designs [l/p]
– 1 mesh gift bag
– 1 mesh gift box
– 1 mesh event booth w/3 examples
– 1 mesh basic frame / shelves
– 1 mesh pose stand + scripts
– 1 blogger poster design
– 3 png price tags
– 2 vendor ad layout [l/p]
– 1 animated unpacker hud design
– 3 texture hud designs [l/p]
– 5 social media banners
– 8 png social media icons
– 1 image asset folder [png]
– inworld objects + textures
– scripts

l/p = Landscape & Portrait sizes

Many files are not shown in the previews! This package is well thought out and carefully pieced together with a number of product types in mind! Large spaces for customization and design!

Graphic Design – psd, png and jpg
Mesh Design – dae, obj, ao, textures, psd

GIF Screenshots

See FOR SALE tab on my portfolio for larger images! www.toxxicrhiannyr.com