Hi guys! I just wanted to swing in here and make a post touching on the topic of privacy and confidential information. I have had the pleasure of working on some really awesome projects within SecondLife. For the most part, I work alongside brands, events and products that already exist, however I have been hired to work on projects that are new, upcoming and still in the very beginning stages of brainstorm. In these cases often the information about the project / creators / third parties /  team members are needing to be kept confidential. As a designer, I fully understand the sensitivity and care for special projects like this and I am totally open to signing and or writing an NDA or CA to ensure that the valuable information shared about the order is kept private. If you are someone who is interested in hiring me for a special project like this, please feel free to contact me personally. I will leave a good article I found online regarding NDA and other disclosure contracts.

New! Ordering Process

OMGee I have been wanting to clean up my ordering process for a looong time and finally I got around to it. Well was aggressively pushed towards it I guess is better to say. I have been experiencing issues with failed notecard delivery inworld for a few weeks now. More recently I have had some instances where offlines are now not connecting to emails. Its annoying, especially for most of us our activity inworld is on a fast track and having connectivity / networking issues, it makes it 10x harder for everyone. Not to mention just pure headaches when notes come back, not filled in and then you cant reach anyone for days. Ughh the struggles!

So! I took a few days and created a Google Form. I teetered back and forth with the kind of information I felt I needed in order to accept a project. Ultimately deciding, less is more. With the last system, I had a couple notecards laid out inworld that you could fill out based on your order needs. That has slowly been the worst nightmare on my end because Kynziii’s inventory is a hot mess and so is mine. I would much rather have had all that info, stored on a spreadsheet somewhere. So, thats how I have made it.

The Creative Services form is now live. I am excited to see people use it. My friends and I have tested it out and its a nice set of questions that still will have me wanting to know more about the order. Ideally, I just would like a brief introduction to you and your project. I found that asking for details on each individual piece of artwork was just a lot to take in and was harder to handle that way as time went on.

Anywho! I hope this serves better for you! Lemme know by commenting to this thread or shooting me a … well would have to be IM inworld because I probably won’t receive your notecard in its intended form 🙂 All links to the “ordering form” have been updated. The old form will stay active for a bit, however I dont expect many entries. As they come in, I will deactivate how they were accessed.