New Brand? Revamp? New to Creating?

I would say 50% of my potential clients are in one of the above situations and they want to order a new look, but have no idea what to start with. Each situation is pretty different in my opinion and I want to explain my thoughts too in this post.

New Brand – A package for a new brand would consist of logo design, mesh logo design, gift card design, social media banners and vendor layouts. The gift cards would depend on if you have a vendor system or not. If not, that can be left off. In my opinion this mixture of designs will get you on the right track to a solid image, ready for the world debut! Que the lights!

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I’m back!

Didn’t even post my departure here, whoops, I hope you follow me on Facebook. So I moved over the weekend irl, so I have been out for a few days. Last week just turned in to a train wreck, so I am working as quick as possible to fix it all and get back on track. I am totally booked for April. As I type this, I am not accepting work ins, just because its mayhem atm. Once I get all caught up, I will begin contacting folks on my waiting list. Thank youuu for your patience and cooperation, especially those that got pushed back. If you would like to fill out the order form, please do so. Kynziii will get you set up. People always drop out because I take too long, so don’t let a line scare you off.

Thanks! ♥