Poster Templates

I will be uploading pre-made poster templates for Black Friday, the Holidays and New Years to my marketplace. These are high quality, easy to customize templates that you are free to use however you see fit. They are not limited edition and do not hold a special license. Just affordable graphics to help you with your holiday spam =) Find the listings here.

2021 Wall Calendar

Paper.Crowns 2021
Wall Calendar is available on marketplace!

Mod / Copy – 1Li

This product is not interactive. Its meant to be decor you can DIY notes to. The postys shown on the ad are sold separately. They come with the textures, so you can modify them yourself. You can create png notes or add stickers from other Paper.Crowns products to decorate your calendar. There is a HUD included to change months. If you want multiple calendars out, just rez them, change the month and delete the script. NO free updates available, if you have purchased this item before, you need to buy the new copy. Its 200L.

[TR ] Mesh Numbers, Symbols & Punctuation

I have just released a full permission set of mesh numbers, punctuation and symbols! This release matches my 60 mesh word set. Both products can be found on the marketplace. I do update often, so check back and see if you have the latest versions. 🙂

Sort my store from Price Low to High for a collection of resources free for content creators & bloggers.

To re-deliver – My Marketplace at the top – My Account – Order History – Redeliver Item


NEW Animated Mesh Signs!

Guys! Omg GUYS! Finally! It’s happening! #2 Most popular question to Toxxic’s face is…”Do you make animated neon mesh signs / logos?” I am stoked to finally say, YAS BEECH, we can do that!

If you are interested in turning your mesh / logo in to a fully animated neon mesh sign, then please fill out le form!

I do want to say one thing before stating the deets. I have much respect for Lindsey Warwick’s work and the time she devoted to this product type. It’s because of her that I even considered getting this all figured out. To my knowledge she has been absent from SL since the end of last year. In this time span, I have received literally hundreds of requests to make these signs and I had to turn them down. I just want to make certain that there is no confusion. We are all supporters of Lindsey’s work and we only hope that if she sees our versions, it’ll make her smile. This work is hard and tedious, it requires the patience of a fuckin ox and we just appreciate everything she did. There is an obvious NEED for these pieces and we are just stoked to work on them! TY Linds, I hope you are well. ♡

K on to less mushy stuff ..

We have thought hard about what kinds of things we can maybe offer that was different than our predecessor, however I feel like they are what they are, signs. So our options are basically the same. The file packages are more inclusive though. Our final packages will include a download link to obtain the dae, scene [maya or blender], ao maps, textured maps + psd. We will also issue a folder inworld with the object and textures. All files are full permission and we work super hard to get them the smallest land impact possible.

We have 2 lettering styles: Tubed or Flat
This is just personal preference, they are both dope! 🙂

If you are familiar with my style of mesh logos, they are considered Flat. Tubed would be like a traditional neon bar light. See piccys

We are offering 3 Design styles:
Neon Sign Only
Neon Sign + Cables / Wires
Neon Sign + Cables / Wires + Frame, Trellis, Base or Grid

All options include the mesh design object + custom animation + file package.

Please be advised that the prices indicated on the form are starting prices. The personal details for your order will be reflected in a final estimate. We will create these mesh signs based off your logo image, a previous mesh design or reference photo. All objects are created new and tailored to your individual needs.

Like other services, we require 50% of the order total upfront, work will not be started without payment and remaining balance is due prior to releasing files.

Our estimated completion time is 7-10 business days. M-F, we do not work on weekends. At this time we are not accepting rush orders, this might change later. Check back. In some cases, we might be able to use pre-made mesh logos that were created by me. I don’t want to promise this as sometimes you can’t polish a terd XDDD

I am so nervous and excited to press Publish. I just know folks love these things and I am anxious to get working on some! Oh lastly, the order form linked here is for a stand alone order. IF you have a order on schedule and would like to upgrade , holler at me! If you are looking to order a whole package, please fill out the regular order form.

I’m shutting up! ♥

Thank Yew!<


> Mesh Animated Neon Sign Form <

23 New Vendor Layouts!

Heyas! I have updated the FREE package of Vendor Layout Templates on the marketplace! There are now in total 100 FREE pre-made PSD templates available for download!

A very special thank you to Rina Edenflower for allowing me to use her photos in my displays! They look super boring and unattractive without photos, so I really appreciate you letting me drool over your pics lol. I will link her flickr below so you can drool too!

These templates are easy to customize, with free fonts, smart object placement and organized layers! You are free to modify and distribute these resources as you please! I have taken many store types in to consideration while designing these ads and I think they are fairly versatile and will work with almost anything you can possibly sell on Second Life. I no longer accept custom vendor layout orders, please USE these! Get inspired by them and re-create your own looks! I hope they help out! ♥


Rina Edenflower’s Flickr:

Second Life Logo – Flickr Group

Hi guys!

I created a Flickr group with the intentions of gathering store / brand logos and have them easily accessible for advertising purposes. I want this to be a resource for event organizers, designers, bloggers and media outlets to obtain high quality images and be able to access store / brand information quickly.

I can only speak for myself as a hunt organizer, but one of the most daunting tasks is tracking down store logos. Often we are researching profiles, fallin to our death tping to outdated LMs, stressing over bothering someone, can’t locate people on social media agghg the terror goes on! lol So I hope you will find this group handy and are kind enough to add your logos to the pool 🙂

There are simple guidelines to what can be posted. Files types and sizes are at your discretion. If you feel your logo is being misused, please take it up with the party that is sharing it. The purpose of this group is to help the working people on this platform and I cannot be held responsible for what abusers do.

If you have questions, feel free to send them my way. 🙂

Toxxic Rhiannyr

Waiting List

Heyas! Currently my waiting list is back open for late November – December scheduling. I am currently all booked up for September – early November! I know, crazy right? Thank you so much to everyone who waited patiently the past few months and to anyone about to wait for the next few months! I feel truly blessed to have the schedule this full, especially in these uncertain times.

If you are interested in getting custom artwork done, please fill out the order form. My assistant will contact you to gather more information and place you on the waiting list. Small orders might be worked in between what I already have booked. So please don’t let the forecast scare you away 🙂 We do our best to get every single person who fills the form a slot on the schedule. ♥ TY

At this time, I am not accepting orders for Real Life, Second Life has it’s hands on the wheel lol ♥

Thank you so much for your continued support! xoxox