New Vendor Layouts!

I have posted 2 New Vendor Layout packs inside the Tools tab. These layouts are FREE to download and you can use them however you see fit! I created pack #3 with the usage of Marketplace Graphics in mind. Its trending right now to replicate the look of social media interfaces, so I designed a few different styles to satisfy those cravings. Pack #4 was created around pose, skin and shape stores as I’ve had creators asking for ideas on those products. If you have suggestions or would like for me to try and design layouts for a specific product, simply let me know. I will do my best to get that worked out for you.

Pack #3
Pack #4

Feel the Love Sale Template

TR Templates
Feel the Love Sale Template – 1,850L
Available on marketplace – Limited quantities


Template Features:
•1000×1250 pixel image
•Organized, layered Photoshop [psd file]
•Free fonts used
•Images, Text & Background on separate layers
•Easy to edit and customize with your own details!
•Download Link


New! Resources Tab

It’s been a popular request since like forever for me to put out a video regarding all the different resources that I use to design artwork, texture clothing, model etc. Well I never have time to do the video request, but I have taken the time to create a new tab on the website that caters to these materials. At the top you will now see a tab called Resources. This section has multiple pages that focus on several categories such as SecondLife Templates, Texturing, Vector / Graphics, Fonts & more! I will keep adding to this list as I make my rounds on the internet. I do want to point out, paying close attention to the licensing details for anything you are downloading, that is super important. All the resources listed are sites / stores that I have purchased and / or worked with in the past and I can verify all are safe links. When it comes to the SL Marketplace, it is hard to determine what is legit content and what is copybotted. Please notify me immediately if I have linked a store that does not sell creditable work. It can happen very innocently. Thank you so much for your suggestions for this type of content. I hope that my finds assist in your journey to creating content for SecondLife. ♥

TR Templates

I am starting a line of graphic templates for special occasions that will be for sale full perm on the marketplace. For starters I have a few holiday poster templates up and more to load probably later today. The marketplace merchant is through one of my alts, Toxxic Alphaville. I am selling on this account just for the purpose of organization and not to clutter with content on my main account.

I will be designing, pre-made templates for all types of special occasions. Such as invitations for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, tea parties, graduation, gender reveals, all major holiday events / parties & more! Cards / Signs for encouragement, congratulations, friendship, get well, sympathy, appreciation & more. Store sales, parties, events that cover a wide spectrum of themes and styles. Kid / Youth related graphic material, play dates, chore boards, achievement boards, classroom graphics & more! Ya’ll can now call me the Hallmark of SL lol!

These templates will come in a variety of different sizes, all optimized for inworld and web promotion. Upon purchasing a template you will receive a note card in your Received Items folder that includes instructions on downloading the file and links to the free fonts used in the preview. Each template will have a organized, layered PSD file that you can easily modify with your own details! The files are sold AS IS, I am not offering a customization service for these pieces. You MUST have a basic knowledge of Photoshop CC or equivalent editing software to customize. All files are compressed and zipped in a folder for easy unpacking. You MUST know how to unzip files via WinRAR, WinZIP or 7zip. I will not email or send these files any other way. Please back up your downloads as the link will change periodically to prevent misuse.

The template files come along with a regular license. Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. Each template will vary in prices from $5 – $10 usd.

I have made a new page under the Tools tab at the top of this site, called TR Templates. Here you can find an updated list of what’s new and direct links to each piece on the marketplace. I hope you guys can find use in these products & I look forward to designing some cool things in the future!

Toxxic Rhiannyr



Hi guys! I just wanted to swing in here and make a post touching on the topic of privacy and confidential information. I have had the pleasure of working on some really awesome projects within SecondLife. For the most part, I work alongside brands, events and products that already exist, however I have been hired to work on projects that are new, upcoming and still in the very beginning stages of brainstorm. In these cases often the information about the project / creators / third parties /  team members are needing to be kept confidential. As a designer, I fully understand the sensitivity and care for special projects like this and I am totally open to signing and or writing an NDA or CA to ensure that the valuable information shared about the order is kept private. If you are someone who is interested in hiring me for a special project like this, please feel free to contact me personally. I will leave a good article I found online regarding NDA and other disclosure contracts.