Posted Jan 12th 2022

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic start to the new year and are staying safe out there! So I have been kinda dormant on my website since July ’21. I took a much needed break from custom orders and focused on some side projects that were wasting away on my to do list. I have had lots of time to sort out my SLife and I have cleaned house! So here we go with the latest ♥

Vendetta moving to TR

You might notice that over on my Marketplace there are some changes being made to Vendetta [my event booth store]. I have decided that I want to continue making booths but the name was getting old to me and I also get A LOT of confusion for being the owner of Vendetta skins, which I am not! So, I think its time to switch gears with this store and add the products to TR, clean up all the listings, update their information and pull old landmarks. So far, I have Generation 2 booths all updated and working on Generation 1 next. I have plans to make a series of full permission booths and starting working on a Generation 3 line, which I want to make super modular sets. So look out for that!

Paper Crowns removed from Marketplace

Paper Crowns has been completely removed from the marketplace and this will remain a side project for the foreseeable future. I have a satellite store at Apple Blossom’s region, so should I get the juices to make something, that is where the releases will be. I have converted the 2 best selling products from Paper Crowns to the TR brand, which is the Mesh Wall Calendar and Postys. The products themselves still say Paper Crowns and it will until I update in December of this year.

TR in 2022!

So to put it in simple terms, I am moving forward in ’22 as being widely known as the brand TR, which is my initials for Toxxic Rhiannyr. Now this label has a few companies under its belt and I am working on even making that tidier. My priorities will soon be back on accepting custom orders and to keep myself relevant with content creators I plan to open a inworld location for TR. That will include the event booths, neon stuff, goods for retail stores and full permission content. No plans to reopen any other store that I own at this time. They can all be found on Marketplace if you search my name. [AlterEgo & Enertia]

Livestreaming on Youtube & Twitch!

I will continue livestreaming SecondLife content on Youtube and I am starting a gaming channel on Twitch! I basically play Fortnite, I am mediocre at best, but we have a lot of friends who join in and its fun times. So if you want company and see me live, swing by!  // Twitch and Youtube

Social Media overload! 

I am soo done with being on Facebook. I deactivated my FB page about 7 months ago and its been nice not checking that every millisecond. I have Fan Pages for updates that belong to TR Events FBTR CustomsEvent Finder. If you don’t want to miss a beat from me, Flickr is my most viewed / used platform.

Client List Status

I am planning on making a order form public in February [fingers crossed]. I am still working on my waiting list! With the holidays lots of people were offline and are just now responding to my contacts. I really want to get as many people as possible from the list because they have been waiting on me since July ’21. If I am not ready in Feb it will have to be March. I’m sorry its this way but I really do my best.

Price Sheet Status

I have decided to hold off on a price sheet. I know its not ideal for people price checking but the total balance of your project is totally unique to the plans we make and that’s not something that gets a set price. I have always felt the price sheet misrepresented my services because it was not always THAT price for every order. I don’t want people to think they can’t afford my services because I am very flexible with payment options. A lot of people get turned off by the sheet and their order might not have even came to the total they calculated. It does us a disservice I feel like, so for now I won’t have one out. If you would like to price check, please contact Savage Bunny. Give her the item list you want to purchase and see can give you a ballpark estimate. Please Note – I am willing to make payment arrangements / plans and my acceptable forms of payments are Lindens,. Paypal and CashApp.

I am working on a Service List page to add on the website. This will explain my current services, general turnaround times and what comes with the design package.

TR Events

I am back to organizing region hunts! Currently I am accepting stores for the Love Bites Hunt in Feb. Apps close on Jan 20th – app link here. We scored big wins at the Hunties for ’21, being Spookzilla Hunt of the Year and Hunt Organizer of the year es meee ♥ We have good times! Join us!

TR Discord

I am working on a new Discord Server. I did recently close one, if you were in it, sorry ;/ I just, I just have this need to start fresh when doing shit lol. Idk why I am this way. When I open the next server it will be primarily used for notifications. I need not make it a chatty place because I can’t trusted lolol. I will post here once its opened. I plan for notifications about schedule openings, new artwork, marketplace releases and news to whatever.

Ugh … I’ll update if I have more to say. Thank you for reading all this shit and thank you for supporting my content. Means the world to me ♥