Branding Kits

Custom Branding Kits – These packages were designed fully custom to the brand’s individual needs. My branding kits include essential graphic & mesh designs that are tailored to fit your brand’s style and unique personality. These packages are created to fit any brand, at any stage, in any style! These are my most popular orders and they do cause a bit of a wait as it can take up to 8 weeks to fully complete. You can blame all these brands for the waiting list being so long lol. I take my time and make sure everything is properly designed and every file I can possibly include makes it inside the packages. There is no set pieces, every order is different, but I am willing to create totally unique things just as long as it is something in my bag of tricks. I am still teaching myself how to model and may use another mesh person to help out in some cases.

Click on each image to view. To see top resolution, open image in a new window and zoom / scroll.

You are not permitted to copy or save images to use commercially. Anyone who abuses the use of my artwork without permission will encounter a DMCA. These images are being used to show off my previous work and inform potential clients as to what services I can offer. It’s not your personal image bank.