Terms of Service – Updated 4.13.23

Payments / Refunds
Payments for custom design projects are made to Toxxic in increments as a courtesy to the client. Payment terms require 50% of total project costs to be paid upfront for commencement of work. The remaining 50% of payment is due upon file delivery. Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. If a project is canceled or postponed, all monies paid are retained by Toxxic Rhiannyr.

Forms of Payment
Lindens are my preferred method of payment, however Paypal and Cashapp are also accepted.

Turnaround Times
Completion times vary based on the order details and my workload. Large orders are typically stretched out over a 4-8 week time frame. Smaller orders can be processed within a couple days.

Rush Orders
Rush orders are accepted for single item projects. There is a 50% rush fee added on top of my usual rate. 24 hours is the fastest turnaround I can offer. Rush orders are required to be paid in full upfront.

DMCA / Intellectual Property
You are not authorized to use ANY graphic design previews displayed on my portfolio.
Anyone caught using this material without purchase may lead to Copyright Issues and DMCA.
This also applies to file sharing with alts and friends regarding full permission purchases via the SL Marketplace.

Zero Tolerance
I do not tolerate Karens’ or rude people. I reserve the right to refuse working with you without explanation. I tend to mirror the energy given to me, so please be polite and respectful of my time and I will reciprocate that back to you.

I will reach out to clients inside Second Life or through Discord. I do not pay that much attention to my social media DMs. Asking me questions on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not the fastest forms of answers. Please reach out to me on Discord or inside Second Life.

Copyright / Trademarks
Basically, I don’t copy other people’s shit. Don’t ask me to recreate anything from another brand inside or outside of SL. I will not create logos that replicate Chanel, Gucci, Nike or Disney. I work extremely hard to offer designs that are new and unique to the client. I don’t have to rely on others’ work for me to make yours stand out. I find that asking me to copy someone else is extremely low and I will decline to work with you all together if you press the issue.

I, Toxxic Rhiannyr, abide by Linden Lab TOS, Content Creators TOS and copyright laws. Works created will NOT include the illegal use of RL brand logos, images, celebrity or character art without having the appropriate and explicit permission from the copyright owner(s). Toxxic retains the right to display designs in portfolios and social media, unless exclusion is explicitly requested and agreed upon in writing with the Client.

Privacy Policy
I am committed to protecting your privacy and will conduct business in accordance. Emails & Discord names may be collected for future advertising of my services but never shared publicly.

Abandoned Projects
A project shall be considered abandoned after 30 consecutive days have passed since the last communication received from the Client. In all abandoned projects, deposits are forfeited without option for reclamation. Any renewal of the project after termination will require a new agreement, fee schedule and deposit.

Right of Refusal
I will not include designs, text, images or other data which it deems to be immoral, offensive, obscene or illegal. All advertising material must conform to all standards laid down by all relevant advertising standards authorities.

I reserve the right to hire services of sub-contractors, agents and suppliers and any work, content, services and usage is bound by their Terms and Conditions. The purchasing of licensed material such as fonts, vector elements, patterns, backgrounds or shapes may apply to your order. If such elements are needed, written consent to purchase said elements will be issued to you.