Toxxic Rhiannyr – Graphic Designer / Branding Consultant –

If you are a new client, please review this document to become familiar with my order process. I have taken the time to write out my standard procedures so you know what to expect from my services.

To place an order for a custom design project, please fill out my order form. This document is dedicated to Second Life users only.

Please be advised that all orders require a consultation in order to be accepted. I have a non-refundable consultation fee of 5,000L to secure a slot. This fee goes towards your order, if accepted. For any reason that your order is declined or you are a no show to your meeting, the fee is not returned.

I am available to meet M-F; 11am – 6pm SLT / PST.
If your time zone falls outside of my availability, we can correspond through notecards or text in Discord. The consultation fee still applies, as I am taking time out of my personal / work time to meet with you. Corresponding through text or notecards takes longer to process, so if you are in a rush or special time frame, this method is not recommended.

During your consultation we will discuss the art direction of your order. It is required for you to be prepared with basic information about your store / brand and be ready to share creative details supporting the project. Consultations are approx 1-2 hours, however orders that lack detail or are more difficult in details, could require additional sessions to cover the material.

Gather visual references
So your homework before placing an order is … collect creative details regarding your project. Think colors, font styles, overall aesthetic for your brand. Websites, images, links or videos are all acceptable forms of visual reference. Even if you are not 100% about these ideas, they are not set in stone. I just want something to talk about in our meeting, it will help me get to know your personal style and brand identity. You can create a moodboard of sorts by using sites like Milanote, Pinterest or PureRef.

Milanote is an easy to use tool that allows you to organize your ideas and project into visual boards. You can add notes, images, links and files to share these attributes with others.

Pinterest is a social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the internet using images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards.

PureRef is a Drag-n-Drop reference image viewer that allows you to easily drop images into a collage format so you can share with others.

Font: Dafont | Google Fonts // Colors: Coolors

Please be sure to confirm your consultation before paying the fee and please have all of the guidelines above checked before your scheduled meeting. Orders that lack following these requests will be declined.

You will be given an estimate for your project at the end of your consultation. At that time, payment and scheduling information will be explained.