Custom Services

The following TOS is written specifically for the residents of Second Life. By entering into a business relationship with Toxxic Rhiannyr, you (the Client) must consent to the following terms and conditions. Terms will apply, even if you don’t read them.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm PDT

Place an order
To place an order for custom services, please fill out my Google Form. Response times will vary, as my workload can be quite heavy at times. If your order is time sensitive, please also drop me a note explaining your time situation. If you do not follow up with an explanation, I may not see it in time. You are also welcome to check on your place in line by sending me a note inworld. IMs can be kind of triggering to me, so I prefer notes if it’s not a rush.

I no longer have a public price sheet. If you would like to check on pricing, please send me a note inside SL detailing all the items you wish to purchase. Please be advised that a ballpark estimate will be calculated. To obtain an accurate total for your order, a consultation must be made.

I am conducting consultations bi-monthly in an attempt to keep the waiting list manageable. Applicants will be contacted by the methods provided inside their order form. Openings fill quickly, so you must respond fast to get early slots. I will not hold slots without a deposit made on the order. If you wish to cancel or postpone your consultation, please let me know as soon as possible.

I ask for 1-2 hours of your time for consultation, however please keep in mind, it could take longer. I go through a series of questions that pertain to your brand and my services. It makes the chat go a lot smoother if you are prepared to chat about your order in detail. Having a few ideas in mind will help me to understand where we are going in terms of an art direction. Please create a Pinterest mood board or have visual references prepared. At the end of your consultation, an estimate will be calculated and a scheduling time will be offered. Orders that have little to no details will be postponed or could be declined.

Payments / Refunds
Payments for custom design projects are made to Toxxic in increments as a courtesy to the client. Payment terms require 50% of total project costs to be paid upfront for commencement of work. The remaining 50% of payment is due upon file delivery. Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. If a project is canceled or postponed, all monies paid are retained by Toxxic Rhiannyr and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client.

Payment Method
I prefer to be paid in Lindens, however I will accept Paypal.

Turnaround Times
Completion times vary based on the order details and my workload. Rush orders are accepted for single item projects. There is a 25% rush fee added on top of my usual rate. 24 hours is the fastest turnaround I can offer.

Final Design Packages
Standard for Graphic Design: editable psd, png [alpha], jpg and ai.
Standard for 3D Mesh Design: dae, obj, fbx, ao map, editable psd for textures
Royalty free fonts used or purchased from a third party. Licenses apply.
Vectors, Backgrounds, Icons and additional graphics are included.
Files are zipped and sent via WeTransfer.

DMCA / Intellectual Property
You are not authorized to use ANY graphic design previews displayed on my portfolio. Anyone caught using this material without purchase may lead to Copyright Issues and DMCA. This also applies to file sharing with alts and friends regarding full permission purchases via the SL Marketplace.

Zero Tolerance
I have a strict zero tolerance policy. I will not tolerate rude or snide comments, bullying, trolling or any forms of bossy attitudes at any time. I reserve the right to refuse service without explanation. I will not haggle, argue, debate pricing or trade designs for promotion. You are expected to behave in a business manner and exit rp mode as I am not pretending. Second Life is my real life job, please respect it.

I will reach out to clients inside Second Life or through Discord. I do not pay that much attention to my social media DMs. Asking me questions on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not the fastest forms of answers. Please reach out to me on Discord or inside Second Life.

Copyright / Trademarks
Toxxic creates custom designs and makes every possible effort to ensure designs are original and clearly, legally distinct. If a design unintentionally infringes on existing trademarks, Toxxic’s liability is limited to free revision of the design to make it legally distinct, or the provision of a paid new design, as negotiated with the Client. Toxxic will not replicate or copy works already designed within SecondLife or from her own art portfolio. Supplying materials as inspiration is fine, requesting a 1:1 copy is not acceptable.

I, Toxxic Rhiannyr, abide by Linden Lab TOS, Content Creators TOS and copyright laws. Works created will NOT include the illegal use of RL brand logos, images, celebrity or character art without having the appropriate and explicit permission from the copyright owner(s).

Toxxic retains the right to display designs in portfolios and social media, unless exclusion is explicitly requested and agreed upon in writing with the Client.

Privacy Policy
Toxxic is committed to protecting your privacy and will conduct business in accordance. Emails & Discord names may be collected for future advertising of my services but never shared publicly.

Abandoned Projects
A project shall be considered abandoned after 30 consecutive days have passed since the last communication received from the Client. In all abandoned projects, deposits are forfeited without option for reclamation. Any renewal of the project after termination will require a new agreement, fee schedule and deposit.

Right of Refusal
Toxxic will not include designs, text, images or other data which it deems to be immoral, offensive, obscene or illegal. All advertising material must conform to all standards laid down by all relevant advertising standards authorities. Toxxic also reserves the right to refuse to include submitted material without giving reason. Decisions on accepting an order are completely hers and she reserves the right to decline an inquiry at any time.

Toxxic reserves the right to hire services of sub-contractors, agents and suppliers and any work, content, services and usage is bound by their Terms and Conditions. The purchasing of licensed material such as fonts, vector elements, patterns, backgrounds or shapes may apply to your order. If such elements are needed, written consent to purchase said elements will be issued to you.

For real life or orders for IMVU or Sims, please email me at