All orders require some sort of consultation to sort out details for your order. I asked for 1-2 hours of your time, so we can run through a series of questions and build your new branding together! It is very much a collaboration between you and I, so I ask that you be prepared to speak about your order in detail. Create a mood board on Pinterest or be able to offer up visual references that coincide with your branding. Orders that approach me with little to no ideas with either be postponed or declined.

Logo Design
This is the most important piece to every branding package. The rest of your order details will rely heavily on the new logo aesthetic. My branding packages are cohesive collections of graphics that are easy to modify and add into your workflow. When discussing design details I ask for ideas pertaining to the color scheme, backgrounds, font styles, vector elements or images, anything that would spark creative ideas for the new look. I am a visual learner, so having some references images gathered for ideas will make the meeting go much smoother. I am not someone who can read details and see what you have in mind. You must show me something.

Mesh Logo Design / Neons
These are 3D mesh replicas of an image or logo design. My typical product is just the lettering, extruded with a black base. File packaging for mesh products are listed on the Order Policy page.

Texture HUDs
Often these designs are derived from the new branding aesthetic. I can either re-design an existing hud with new features or if you have something specific in mind, I can consider. HUDs are usually designed in a kit form. I create 3 bases, small, medium, large and offer a few layout examples. Everything is drag and drop, paired with an editable psd file and thoughtfully put together. I do often ask how many swatches you typically offer and if you would the ability to make a multi-page hud, will you need sections [Top, Dress, Pants, Lace], material options, tint / color picker or just single applications. Social media, close / detach options and resizing are common add on’s too.

Unpacker HUDs
The unpacker HUDs tend to be pretty simple, however I can make them as complex as you want. It is common to place social media icons here. For fashion stores, possibly add a body size selection list or unpacking instructions. Additionally, adding a group join or re-delivery function is common as well.

Poster Designs
These designs are typically created around a special occasion. If you event is in the future, I can design the poster with fake information, that is editable and these modifications can be made on your own. Fonts are included or noted, however any font style you see fit will work too!

Mesh Gift Card Design
I have a premade set of mesh objects for gift card design. 3 are created for small to medium logo size and the other 3 are for large logo designs. I typically just texture these objects to match your store’s aesthetic, however, I am open to looking at totally unique designs and adjusting from there. If you would like for to make the price increments for you, this can be done as well. Most common settings : 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 5000. My gift cards some with 2 objects, 1 with backing + card for vendor use and 1 solo card that is designated for HUD use.

Vendor Layouts
Vendor layouts are not my favorite thing to get involved with because I do not want stores to begin looking like each other. I do have a FREE package of vendor layout PSD files available on marketplace. I would highly recommend picking those up and MODIFYING them! Do not just keep them the same! They have been sold to the public for years, so to avoid looking like someone else, please change them!

For a new vendor layout, I will want to see your current ads and then make a plan from there. To me, a vendor ad should display your product without distractions from the description or logo placement, however these 2 elements are important. The customer must be able to distinguish what is actually being sold and who is selling it!

Social Media
All orders that come with a logo design will include a folder of graphics for social media, marketplace and land / profile pick sizes. This folder will have banner and icon sized images, that match your overall aesthetic. I include Facebook, Flickr and Twitter graphics.

For other graphic design or mesh related products
Please offer visual references in regards to the type of design you are seeking. Please be advised that I will create an inspired version to whatever you are showing me. I do not like to create a 1:1 copy of anything. I am a very creative person and I like to put my own spin on things, so please trust the flow! I have been doing this kind of work for many years and I have designed hundreds of brands inside Second Life.

I highly recommend using Milanote to sort out a mood board and make this a fun experience! The consultations can be kind of hard to sit through, so Milanote allows us to look at the board in real time, together! We can draw, make notes, comment, paste gifs, emojis, videos and images! Its really a nice tool to have and it takes the bleh moments right out of the consult. Alternatively, Pinterest is also another easy way to make a mood board and we can both add to it!

Consultations are held in a text chat, either SL or Discord. I am available to voice chat on either platform, we can meet one on one or inside a group space. I also have private rooms in my Discord Server if you want to know what goes down in the Chamber of Secrets ♥

At the end of your consultation, an estimate for the order will be issued, along with scheduling dates. Please be advised that any time frame details are estimations as my schedule could be moving faster or slower at any given time. Please know that I am working with multiple brands at one time and that I work alone. Responses will probably be slow, but I do my best to answer everyone as quick as possible. People often think I am ignoring them when I am simply just backlogged. I only ignore the people who I have problems with, so if I have never met you, probably just running behind. 🙂