8.14.21 – Applications are open to join my annual Halloween Hunt & Costume Party!
Read the application and make sure you agree to the hunt details before applying.

8.3.21 – Vendetta is being moved to a new marketplace store!
I will update once the whole process is complete.

7.30.21 – My event booth store, Vendetta has a new location inworld!…/Key%20West%20Isle/136/129/50

7.20.21 – I am currently working on my marketplace store.
If you notice items missing, they will pop back up soon!
Thank you for your patience.

7.15.21 – I will be taking a break from custom orders until sometime in the fall.
My order form is open, however if you fill it out, your entry will go into my waiting list.
You will be contacted as soon as slots re-open.
If you have questions, contact Savage Bunny. Thank you! ♥