3D Mesh – Animated


[!] My modeling style is different than other neon sign makers. I don’t make tubed models. My mesh logos are flat extrusions that feature the light animation on a secondary layer. If you are seeking to have a more traditional tubed neon designed you will have to find a different artist. I will leave a few names below that I have seen this type of work from.

♡ Eden Voxel – some might notice her name on my signs because we often work together
♡ grande Broome – owns Prisma

[!] My signs are typically text only. If you would like a mounting design, frame, grid, trellis or wires, these are additional charges. Please prepare to show visual references for objects you want modeled.

[-] 3D Animated / Neon Mesh Signs – starting price 13,000L <- not final price
[-] Includes inworld scripted object, ready to rez! Textures / materials included.
[-] Script is no mod / copy / trans inside the object.
[-] Turn sign on and off with 1 click [owner only]
[-] 7-14 day turnaround / Rush accepted, fees apply.

[-] Source files by request only. Additional fee applies.
[-] Includes dae, ao maps, psd, textures, fbx, ai and light maps full permission.

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