As of July 2nd 2020, my price sheet was removed online. It’s purpose was to offer an ESTIMATED price range for orders and to give potential clients an idea as to what each item included. The sheet was not doing its duty in a lot of cases because the details pertaining to orders were not represented properly via the sheet. So it either scared potential customers away, because they assumed their package would be too expensive or it upset clients when they learned that their calculations were not accurate, as the prices listed were ESTIMATES. All in all, it became a huge headache for me, so I decided it was time to change this.

I am much more confident in the method of scheduling a consultation, sitting down to chat about your project, getting to know you and your team a little better, then tailoring a package that meets your expectations and budget. My services were never really a “one size fits all” concept. Flat rates do not apply to most pieces, so trying to force this idea was no longer working for me.

I hope that my decision does not detour your from reaching out to inquire about an order. I hope that my portfolio and past experience will prove itself worthy of a shot to meet you and learn about what you have going on. If you decide not to hire me for your project, its absolutely okay, I understand that sometimes the stars just do not line up, but the pleasure of meeting you and discussing your plans are important to me.

To place an order, simply fill out the order form link here. My assistant, Kynziii will be in touch to discuss scheduling and to answer any questions you might have. Estimates are not given without consultation, so gather all your questions and book a meeting today!

There is a fee of 5,000L due to in order to schedule a meeting. A partial refund is issued if you decide to not hire me for custom services. If you proceed with your order, the fee will then be applied to your balance and a slot will be booked. Fees are in place to weed out folks that are not serious about ordering and it also reserves a 2 hour window for you to chat with me or Kynziii.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kynziii Resident via notecard.

Thank you!