Preparing Files

Logo to Mesh Logo creation –

Heyas! I just wanted to make a post hitting on the topic of mesh logo creation. Lately I have been bumpin in to some issues with accepting this kind of project, so I would like to explain how I create them and hope that it helps potential customers prepare files.

Typically when I receive an order for a mesh logo, I ask to see a picture of the logo. What I am looking for is a way to break that image down in to individual assets because the method in which I make 3D logos is heavily reliant on vector images.

There are 2 ways that I go about gathering the files I need in order to create a 3D object from an image.
– Requesting the layered psd file [meaning the fonts are editable & all assets have their own layers]
– Requesting the fonts used, either link or they can be emailed to me

PSD Example – Separated layers / editable text

If you aren’t able to provide either of the above that will make the project much more difficult to re-create in most cases. As you can imagine, all of these steps are based on the quality of image you can provide me. Small, low quality logos are going to present some huge hurdles in re-creating them in 3D.

Another handy version would be an alpha png file with your logo filled black. Preferably as large as possible, 2000 x 2000 is fine. It would just need to be large enough so when I pop it in Illustrator, it can create paths easily and not distort the lines. Small, fine details are not going to translate properly when creating paths in Illustrator. So the larger the file, the better.

For more advanced clients, if you know how to create asset files and are able to break your logo down in to pieces. I request them to be created as large files, preferably in the 2000s, saved as an alpha png and made completely black, like a silhouette. Those assets can be emailed to me and I will then pop them in to Illustrator and create paths in order to import as a vector file for Maya. I know most people’s eyes just crossed, so I try to make it easier by saying, just email me your psd file or fonts used.

If you are unsure about your logo and if you have the correct files available, simply reach out to us and show us what you have. Kynziii will be able to decipher whether or not I will be able to work with an image and offer up solutions to get the job done. If you are open to some wiggle room, Im sure we can get it handled. I am not comfortable quoting a base price for mesh logos as they are all different. Some are super easy and others are spawns from hell .. *coughs* I mean a little tricky XD

Thanks for reading my post. Its also been mirrored under the FAQ tab for reference.