In order for us to get a basic understanding as to the details of your project, we like to schedule a one on one consultation with our potential clients. These meetings are typically conducted via chat or voice in Second Life or Discord. We require a non-refundable fee of 5,000L to secure a date and time to meet up. In most cases, this fee is applied to your order balance.

We ask that you come prepared to speak about your order in detail. We request that you gather visual references and notes regarding the creative direction for your project. We understand that this might be difficult to accomplish if you are unsure as to what you want. At minimum please try and collect ideas for color schemes, font styles and we will bonk our heads together for the rest and form a plan.

Mood boards on Pinterest are a great way to brainstorm and gather ideas for your design project! I recommend this site over any other resource for ideas and visual references. It is free to sign up and starting boards are super easy, secure and fun! Fair warning, its like a virtual Hobby Lobby x 5000, you will get sucked down the rabbit hole lol! Alternatively, Google links, screenshots, sketches and lame crayon scribbles are all welcomed forms of references.

If you are on European time and cannot meet with us for our available hours, we can create a Google form for you to fill out and submit for review. This method of communication will take more time to organize and process. The form will allow you to leave detailed information regarding the project, along with image upload sections for visual references or photos. If this is your preferred method of placing an order, please let Kynziii know and we will get that started for you.

Once your consultation is complete, a estimate for your project will be calculated. We break the balance in to two payments. 50% of the order total is due upfront. Design does not start on any order without payment. Time frame and additional process details are relayed to ensure you understand the specifics and know when to expect results. We provide an online order tracker link to all clients, so you can check the progress of your project from start to finish.

If we are unable to make a deal at the time of your meeting, special arrangements can be made to freeze your order and resume process at a later time. We make a solid effort to be as flexible as possible, however there is only 1 artist working so we do the best we can to accommodate your needs.

Turnaround times vary per project and heavily depends on the work load. Rush orders are accepted if time permits. Please contact Kynziii Resident for inquiries and questions.