Terms of Service

How do I place an order for custom graphics?
Click here to be re-directed to my Order Form. Fill it out to the best of your ability and my assistant Kynziii will reach out to you within 48-72 hours. If you do not hear from her, please check in. Sometimes SL has connectivity issues and often people cap, so her attempts to contact fail.

How much are your services?
All orders are priced custom based upon the attention and complexity of your request. Every single order has unique qualities and often issuing a base price is not a one size fits all task. Pricing varies depending on the size of the project, number of revisions, and time frame. Quantity and special offers are available for purchasing certain items together. Upon completing a consultation method, either in person or by form, an estimate for your order will be given and a time frame that the quote is good for.

How does the ordering process work?
Upon filling out the order form, my assistant Kynziii will reach out and gather more information from you regarding your project. If the project is complicated or involves multiple pieces of artwork, a consultation will be scheduled. A consultation allows us to meet with you one on one, discuss details of your order and start to generate an idea for the project. Consults typically last 1-2 hours, but vary per project. There is a booking fee for consultations in the amount of 5,000L. This is to be made upfront in order to secure your meeting slot. Consult fees are often put towards your order total, however that varies between order types.

Consultations can be conducted in chat, conference calls, discord chat or voice.
Alternatively, I do have a Consultation Form that can be created specifically for your order.
Image uploads, reference links and lots of room to explain in detail what you are needing for your project.

Why do I have to pay a consultation fee?
The fee covers 2 hours of meeting time with myself or Kynziii. This is time we could be spending with our family or working on other projects. It attracts serious inquiries and weeds out folks who think that my services are RP or a joke. I find that it helps enforce commitment to the project and punctuality for our meeting. Upon paying the fee it secures your slot so no other party will interfere or get double booked. 

Who do I send fees to?
All fees should be sent to Toxxic Rhiannyr unless instructed otherwise. Kynziii is authorized to accept payments, however its typically consult fees as she has started to conduct them on her own. If you are paying via Paypal, a link will be provided to you.

What do I need to do to prepare for a consultation?
We ask that you have a basic idea for your project or at the very least be able to tell us the kinds of things you are interested in. All details shared in your meeting will be considered while in design and is extremely helpful in the brainstorming process. Toxxic is a visual creative, this means that she likes to see references such as photos, links or moodboards containing styles that suit your brand’s personality. Sometimes a idea doesn’t translate very well for her just by reading text, so being able to provide some visual examples helps a lot and is greatly appreciated. If you have specific needs for your project feel free to let us know and we will discuss a plan on how to get it all worked out.

What types of files does my package come with?
Please visit the Packaging doc here. It explains the most common content arrangement, which is standard for all orders. Packaging & file types can vary per project, this page reflects standard product packaging. If your project has special requirements for file types, we can meet those requests. 

How do I receive my files? 
Your final art package is sent via Wetransfer, which is a free file sharing website that I use for both SL and RL projects. Its quick, easy and supports large file transfers. Your project is zipped and compressed into a .rar. file so it is easier to upload to Wetransfer and sends like a breeze. To open these .rar files you will need a program such as Winrar, Winzip or 7zip to extract the contents. Alternatively, this tool has worked for clients in the past and is worth checking out.

Your files will be neatly organized, labeled and sorted by type of art. Other things that are commonly included in your download is a fonts folder and additional graphics to make customizing your new stuff easy peesy lemon squeezy. Should you continue to have issues downloading the files, Dropbox is an option or via Google Drive. I prefer you to unzip the .rar files, because I know exactly how it’s laid out and if something becomes missing I can locate it all quickly.

Am I allowed to modify my files? 
Absolutely! Once I release the files to you, they are totally full permission and ready for you to customize! You are free to alter and distribute them as you please. All pieces include an organized, layered PSD file, easy to edit and tailor to your brand’s specific needs. I no longer own rights to the artwork, however it is greatly appreciated if you allow me to post my versions to my website. It helps me represent my services and shows off the process for potential and current clients to enjoy.

How long will my order take? 
It honestly varies per project and also relies on how busy I am. Large orders, 8+ pieces are typically a 3-4 week turnaround and smaller orders are worked in between the big ones. I can give a more accurate estimate upon speaking with you. I can honestly say, I have a waiting list all the time. So be prepared for that and hopefully time will be on both our sides and we can make something happen.

Do you accept rush orders? 
I do! However, it will depend on my workload. There is a rush order fee, typically 50% of the order total would be added. The fastest I can return a project to you is 24 hours. I do not offer same day services.

Do you accept real life orders? 
I do! If you are interested in hiring me for a real life project, email me at toxxic817@gmail.com. Paypal is the only accepted form of payment and it’s real life pricing. Artwork is created optimize for web and print, 300 dpi, industry standard sizes and formats. Printing is not available, however I can recommend sites that are great to work with.