TR Suggestions?

People ask me all the time if I have suggestions on things like vendor systems, scripting items, where to rent, what events to join etc etc. I have sat down to compile a list of answers to these questions. Please keep in mind, my answers are based upon my own experience. My suggestions are surely not one size fits all, so please do your research and choose things based on your individual needs.

What vendor system should I get? 
Check out MD Labs & Caspervend. Each brand offers similar functionality, but in unique ways of going about it. Caspervend is a long standing brand and MD Labs is a newer company. I believe both are very reliable products, it will ultimately boil down to the features you are looking to provide in your store.

Where should I rent land? 
I think the answer to this varies depending on what your creator level is. I certainly would not suggest running out and buying a full region if your store is brand spankin new. I think there is a lot to be said for taking it slow and learning what it takes to become a creator on this platform and take time to see if you actually want to stick with it.

If you are fairly confident you are ready to rent land, first you should decide how many prims you are wanting. In search you can type things like “commercial real estate” or “land for rent.” An abundance of answers will pop up and its really up to you to teleport around and compare prices. This is something I personally have not done in a really long time. I will list off some places that you could certainly check on. I have to be honest, I am not sure as I type, if these locations are accepting renters or if its an invite only type of deal. I rent from RGF Estates, however I am not sure what the smallest parcel they rent is, worth checking out.

Emanuelle Bury / Flair for Events –
Meeka Sihtu / Bella Pointe –

Monthly events also tend to have a shopping district around them. I would say most are for a satellite store purpose, but worth a shot checking in to. Alternatively you can always seek mainland rentals, toss a skybox in the sky and call it a day. You will notice if you cam outside of stores, they are rezzed in the middle of nowhere, with space ships floating next to them lol. Mainland used to be cheap to rent, you just have to deal with neighbors who don’t really care about being tacky.

Texture HUD systems?
I have only used the Bosh Ultimate Texture System, however there are times now that I wish it did a little bit more. I will be purchasing the PXL Smart HUD system soon, hopefully I can learn it and start to create tuts for it. A lot of my creator friends are using the PXL and they have told me its really easy to use and efficient. Bosh hasn’t updated his system in a really long time, so I think as you progress as a creator, you will want more freedom in scripting. I do think its still a good system for beginner / novice creators.