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New Booths w/ new features!

Introducing my Generation 2 line of booths! Gen 2 booths were designed to be modular. You can remove the frames, shelves or other decor, to use your own or re-organize the booth. AO texture maps are included with each purchase, allowing you to customize your booth to match your own unique style! Land impact will vary depending on size, however the base, frames and shelves are all 1Li each. Most booths have custom materials enabled. Swing in to our NEW mainstore to see them in person!

Generation 1 booths are still available. The only difference in the two versions is that Gen 1 booths were imported combined and feature baked shadows & lighting. They are my first booths ever created and honestly I am still teaching myself to model. So they weren’t ideal for modifying. On most models, you cannot remove the display decor. After many complaints, I decided to re-vamp some booths, making them much more user friendly. They are still highly popular and will work beautifully for certain situations.

In my mainstore, booths that are modular are marked, so you don’t accidentally purchase versions that aren’t. I am working on updating the marketplace, which this note will be added to previous releases.

The display container & textures are not included. Each purchase will provide inworld objects both textured and ao textured + AO texture maps for DIY texturing. I do not use a vendor system so you can check the contents of every booth to see what all it comes with.

TYSM for your patience as I worked out a method that suits us both. At this time, I am not accepting custom orders for booths, however this might change in the future.

New Mainstore! Visit Vendetta today!

Generation 2 – Event Booth Gallery

Generation 1 – Event Booth Gallery