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These design packages are pre-made. Often the store name is either a placeholder [easily customizable] or a name that I came up with. If its a store name I created, its cross checked inworld and on marketplace to make sure its not in use. These packages are typically designed around a theme and are targeted for a certain kind of product / store. I have released a few of these packages in the past and each one was a little different from the other as far as contents goes. So please make sure to read the descriptions so you aren’t purchasing the wrong thing. These packages are sold as is, no substitutes or file removals. If you would like to add items to the package, that is okay, but will include additional fees.

Currently no Store Packages are available at this time.
Below are past releases, all Sold Out.

Hexposed / Created with a witchy pose store in mind 🙂

Ukiyo / designed for a modern store / any product type

Little Star / created for a kawaii / cutesy type store / any product type / logo was customizable

Neon Store Kit / created for a neon aesthetic / any product type