Mockup Templates – Visit Marketplace
These are textures! Not mesh! However, they are 3d objects that were rendered and have the backgrounds removed! The files are set up so you can easily texture them and add logos or patterns. Their intention is for unpacker hud designs or fun graphics to add to your vendor ads / design. Please pay very close attention to my descriptions. If something has mesh included in the files, it will indicate mesh on the marketplace description and include the land impact count. If you don’t see the details, its a texture / image.

All files are compressed into a zipped folder for smooth delivery and organized opening. You MUST have an extraction program in order to open. 7zip and Winzip are the most popular programs, however Windows 10 has a built in extraction tool. Please visit this post for more information on how to open .zip or .rar files. They DO NOT open in Photoshop as is, you MUST unpack them first.