Vendetta Price Drop

Our whole line of event / display booths are now 500L each! Visit our mainstore to see displays in person or shop online!

Pay close attention to product details as older models are not modular. Generation 2 [g2] models were created with easy setup in mind. Use frames & shelves if provided or use your own objects.

AO map+inworld objects+mod/copy permissions.

Display containers not included.
Display textures not included.



Suggestions are always welcome!
Not accepting customs at this time.

TR Templates

In a hurry and need a sale flyer or blogger search poster quick? You are in luck! I have pre-made templates that are easy to edit and customize with your own information. No waiting in line! TR Templates are only available on marketplace and have 10 copies available each. Once they are sold out, they are gone! Each package includes a nicely organized psd file and font information. Customization is not available, you MUST know how to use Photoshop to edit!

Click here! Weehoo!

Waiting List


Currently I do have a waiting list for next available spots. Due to COVID-19 and the stress of times at the moment, I have slowed down on accepting orders. In efforts to not overload myself and allow more time to work. I appreciate your patience and cooperation at this time. If you would like to placed on the waiting list, please fill out the order form on price sheet or website. My staff will be with you shortly to gather more information and discuss wait times.

Thank you!

4 New! Event Booths

23 – 400L – 6li
24 – 300L – 1li
25 – 800L – Frames included – 7li

26 – 10L for limited time – Frame included – 13li

Inworld Display – Glow Frames used in no.23 & 24
AO map textures included.
All booths are mod / copy / no transfer.
Li will increase if you make larger.


Waiting Times Extended

Due to the current events in the real world, I am extending turnaround times and waiting list times to allow myself some breathing room. I am starting to feel really a lot of stress and it is affecting my work speed and creativity. I am still working on orders and I do have a waiting list for April / May, but I am just sending a notice that I am slowly processing orders. My heart goes out to everyone around the world, whether you are a friend, customer or stranger. In these times we must focus on family and loved ones. While the work I do in SL is my RL income, I just need to take a pause and sort some things out. I appreciate your patience at this time.

Thank you!



Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio 🙂

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, I am accepting fewer orders at a time to allow myself a break between projects. My waiting list is very long at the moment due to slowing down. I am estimating it will be early November for openings to start again.

If you are able to wait a bit, please fill out the form and let Kynziii know you want on the waiting list. I understand that these projects are time sensitive and if you are unable to wait its ok. I regret the missed opportunity to work with you, but hope that you check back at a later time 🙂

Planned Hiatus – October
Every year I take October off from customs because I organize a huge Halloween Hunt in SL and all my attention goes to that.

For any questions, please feel free to contact Kynziii Resident via notecard in game.

My hours of availability are Mon-Fri / 9am-5pm slt.

Please stay safe!

Toxxic Rhiannyr
Kynziii Resident – Assistant

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Terms of Service

Make More Frames!

I sell a few packs of photo frames at my store Paper.Crowns. This weekend I will have a large pack of frames out for Saturday Sale. The pack will be 75L, all day Saturday at my mainstore. I will also link some other packs that I have previously released, they are 150L per pack.