Toxxic Rhiannyr •
Updated 6.17.2019

General Information
♡ My assistant’s name is Kynziii Resident.
♡ You MUST work with her in order for us to accept your request for artwork.
♡ I no longer offer services for machinima / editing / commercials.
♡ I no longer offer packages. All items are sold a la carte.
♡ I no longer accept orders for rendered logos or graphics.
♡ I no longer accept orders for vendor layouts / ads.

Price Sheet
♡ The prices shown on the sheet are starting prices for each product.
♡ Prices vary due to the type of design you are looking for.
♡ Each product has the description and example link listed.
♡ I do not barter, trade services for promotion.

Placing an Order
♡ Please fill out the order form if you would like to place a new order.
♡ My assistant will contact you within 24 hours to assist with your request.
♡ 50% of your order estimate is due before scheduling your project.
♡ Remaining balance is due before full permission files are released.
♡ Lindens and Paypal are acceptable forms of payment.
♡ Filling out the order form does not guarantee a slot on my schedule.

Rush Orders
♡ Please give a 24 hour notice for rush orders.
♡ I cannot offer same day service.
♡ Rush fees apply & vary on the details of the order.

♡ Due to last minute cancellations, a non-refundable fee of 5,000L is due in order to book a consultation.
♡ Consultation fee reimbursement is subject to change per order details.
♡ Kynziii will send reminder notes a couple days prior to your meeting.
♡ If you need to cancel or move your meeting, please let us know as soon as possible.
♡ Please be prepared for your meeting. If you need assistance, contact Kynziii.
♡ I am available via IM or voice, from SL or Discord for consultation.

Final Design Package
♡ Standard File Types for image / logo artwork: jpg, png, psd and ai
♡ Standard Mesh File Types: maya scene, dae, inworld obj, ao maps / raw & textured.
♡ Final package is organized, zipped and sent via Wetransfer & available to download for 24 hours.
♡ Files are backed up for one year, then deleted.
♡ Dropbox or email by request.
♡ You must know how to unzip files in order to open my packages. [WINRAR or WINZIP required]
♡ All final packages are released full permission. I do not own the rights to your package.

Design Process
♡ I am a live streamer on Youtube. If you wish to not have your project designed live, let us know.
♡ If you have additional information for your order, please make sure to note card me & Kynziii.
♡ Please be patient and cooperative during your design process.

Logo Design
♡ Up to 4 logo samples are created based off ideas shared in consultation.
♡ Up to 5 revisions are covered within your estimated price for the order.
♡ Additional fees apply if you exceed 5 revisions. Fees vary depending on the type of edit.

♡ I collect email addresses for the purpose of sending final design packages.
♡ I do not share or send campaigns.
♡ I respect the privacy of all clients. If your order needs special treatment, please let us know.

♡ No refunds if production on your project has started.
♡ I reserve the right to delegate when a situation garners a refund.

Order Turnaround Times
♡ Large orders estimated, 4-6 weeks.
♡ Smaller orders estimated, 5-7 days.

♡ I reserve the right to terminate an order if I feel my Terms of Service are being violated.
♡ If you terminate the order, deposits are non-refundable.
♡ Full permission files will only be released if the remaining balance is paid in full.

Live Schedule
♡ I use Trello to keep track of orders & consultations. ♡

♡ Treat my staff with the same courtesy and respect as you want us to give you.
♡ I will deny orders for bad attitudes, pushy or bossy behavior.

Graphic Elements & Fonts
♡ I do purchase licensed graphic elements and fonts to be used in my artwork.
♡ Additional fees may apply to your order if such elements are used in your project.
♡ I reserve the right to utilize all graphic elements, created by me in any piece of artwork. This applies to layer styles, shapes, icons, vectors, backgrounds & patterns.

I abide by Linden Lab TOS, Content Creators TOS and copyright laws. Works created will NOT include the illegal use of RL brand logos, images, celebrity or character art without having the appropriate and explicit permission from the copyright owner(s).

Toxxic Rhiannyr