Similarities in Design

Hi everyone! I feel like there is some misinformation being tossed around, I would like to just take a moment and address this topic. Hopefully I can offer an explanation and a solution for anyone thinking it applies to their order. Its come to my attention that some people out there see a similarity in my work, between design packages. This is common as I believe I have developed my own signature style over the years. I have heard people say that they can tell when I have designed something and its also a reason why they hire me to design artwork for them. So that is the bright side to that situation. When it comes to designs actually overlapping or being designed too close now that’s something that I strive to stay away from, however has happened. It is certainly not my intention, the only explanation I can offer is that I am human and even I make mistakes in design. I do work with approx 20-30 projects per month, so that is a TON of collaboration and details dancing in my head. To be completely honest, I am asked to design the same things over and over all the time … “but different”. Clients ask me to design whatever is trending at that moment. I know we are all looking over at Pinterest and swiping ideas, twisting them around to be something that represents our work, so it becomes a challenging task, but it is something that I am up for taking on. I feel like that is my calling in Secondlife. I have been blessed with this job and my goal is to design each brand whether store or event, service or occasion, a unique identity to be proud to operate under. With this being said, there are a few things that I would like to cover, hopefully it will better explain my artwork previews and give incite on what happens when the art leaves my desk.

I know this word in Secondlife is like the plague and when people hear it they feel a sudden sense of inadequacy or failure, but I think of my artwork as being a template of sorts, meaning you can edit ANYTHING about the image. Each image you see on a preview sheet comes along with an organized and sometimes very detailed layered psd file. Each client is issued a very full permission package of these files, along with fonts & various graphic elements that I used in the artwork. I would say that about 98% of my clients will modify the images that I created for them, leaving what you see on this website [or my flickr] an example of MY interpretation, to their brand. Its only happened a few times, that I have seen an image I created, stay remotely close to the final graphic. So when you are looking through my portfolio, I beg you keep this in mind. I must tell you that I am not given solid information like patterns, color swatches, shapes etc from each client that I receive work from. So I have had to come up with my own material, to show them an example of how they can lay out these elements. I create my own layer styles, patterns, vectors, gradients & backgrounds, all of which are frequently used between projects. Graphic pieces that are regularly similar are HUDs & vendor layouts. These structures are both subject to change immensely once the order has left my possession.

So I hope this explanation clears up the confusion or accusations that I just copy one order from another. Not like I should or have to prove myself, but I invite you take a look at my Youtube channel. I am a active live streamer with hundreds of videos working on graphic design dating back to 2012. Feel free to come watch. I encourage any client to come talk to me if you feel like something is not designed to your satisfaction. I am willing to work with you and fix anything that you feel is not right.

Thanks for taking time to read my post.