Services & Products

So I feel like I need to make a post explaining a bit about the custom services that I offer and the pre-made / template content that I create. I started accepting custom graphic design orders back in 2017. Over the past couple of years I have taken it more seriously and now my main focus is just accepting commissioned projects from content creators inside SecondLife. Aside from designing custom orders, I also like to design one-off store packages, full permission templates and limited edition graphic packages that are sold strictly through my marketplace store. I try really hard to make sure that each of these products are properly labeled, so there is no confusion, however I think with new people joining SL all the time, it might be hard to understand what the difference is, as SL as a whole is brand new and confusing period. So I will attempt to explain 🙂


Custom Orders 
These packages are tailored to a brand / event’s personal needs. They are NOT sold to anyone else and will not be replicated 1:1 to another client EVER! These packages can be quite extensive, as they are typically ordered 8+ pieces and take 4-8 weeks to complete in most cases. These orders include a 1-2 hour consultation, we sit, we chat, we screenshot and come up with a complete plan to create a whole identity that is all your own! Examples: Havoc, Fake Society, Cynful, Off-Line etc

One-Off Store Packages
These design packages are pre-made. Often the store name is either a placeholder [easily customizable] or a name that I came up with. If its a store name I created, its cross checked inworld and on marketplace to make sure its not in use. These packages are typically designed around a theme and are targeted for a certain kind of product / store. I have released a few of these packages in the past and each one was a little different from the other as far as contents goes. So please make sure to read the descriptions so you aren’t purchasing the wrong thing. These packages are sold as is, no substitutes or file removals. I am willing to add items to the orders, however that will come at an additional charge. Examples: Hexposed [SOLD TO 1 BUYER], Envy [SOLD TO 1 BUYER], Little Star [SOLD TO 10 BUYERS], Ukiyo [SOLD TO 10 BUYERS]

Full Permission Templates
You are free to use them in your own creations! Not limited to, but typically texture huds, unpacker huds, posters, pre-made logos and vendor layouts. Wedding invitations and kids chore charts are available too. Sometimes I release packages that are Limited Edition and sold to only 10 people. The designs are stylized and by offering them in limited quantity ensures that the look created isn’t over used across the community. Once the designs are sold out they automatically come down from the marketplace. Examples: Blogger Search Posters, Store Sales, Lipstick Kiss Backgrounds, Moonchild Texture & Unpacker HUD etc

Mockup Templates
I love making these, however I have noticed some confusion happening and I just want to explain. These are textures! Not mesh! However, they are 3d objects that were rendered and have the backgrounds removed! The files are set up so you can easily texture them and add logos or patterns. Their intention is for unpacker hud designs or fun graphics to add to your vendor ads / design. Please pay very close attention to my descriptions. If something has mesh included in the files, it will indicate mesh on the marketplace description and include the land impact count. If you don’t see the details, its a texture / image. Examples: Sealed Bags, Snack Packages, Open Window Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Ziplock Bags etc

I will do my best at displaying products in different ways in the future. I know I have made the mistake of making some of the pre-made designs look like the custom displays. For the lack of a better idea, that’s just how it happened. I also want to implement some sort of difficulty scale from 1-5, 5 being for hard to edit files. Sometimes I get a little crazy with Photoshop layers and I just assume its easy to edit. The one thing I am super anal about is making sure the PSD files are organized. Everything is tidy, in folders, labeled and sometimes color grouped. You absolutely need experience in Photoshop to edit my files. Gimp will open them, however I can’t say for sure that they are easy to edit there. I have never used Gimp.

Anyways, if you have questions about anything above or whatever really, please contact Savage Bunny. As much as I would love to sit around talking, I have to keep focused and working on art. Savage tends to be faster and she has my attention for fast answers.

Thank you as always for your support! ♥