Hi guys! I just wanted to swing in here and make a post touching on the topic of privacy and confidential information. I have had the pleasure of working on some really awesome projects within SecondLife. For the most part, I work alongside brands, events and products that already exist, however I have been hired to work on projects that are new, upcoming and still in the very beginning stages of brainstorm. In these cases often the information about the project / creators / third parties /  team members are needing to be kept confidential. As a designer, I fully understand the sensitivity and care for special projects like this and I am totally open to signing and or writing an NDA or CA to ensure that the valuable information shared about the order is kept private. If you are someone who is interested in hiring me for a special project like this, please feel free to contact me personally. I will leave a good article I found online regarding NDA and other disclosure contracts.

Designing Under A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – RD095