Placing an order

When placing an order for custom graphics please also be prepared to talk to use about your design plans. I ask that you please gather visual references that coincide with your store and new identity. If you don’t have something planned for your new look, then I need to see your products, inworld store, marketplace or flickr. If the brand is new and doesn’t have anything to look at, then I would like to see visual references on the items you plan to make. To be totally honest, if you can’t provide anything to help me figure out a design plan for you, I will probably decline the order. I am a very creative person but I don’t have magic button.

Pinterest is a wonderful website that has ANYTHING you can possibly think of in terms of ideas and design. Please use it! You are able to create moodboards and pin images that you like, that can in turn be shared with me, so I can check it out. I would almost rather having too many ideas than having just a couple. I like to know about colors, styles or themes, font / lettering preferences, backgrounds or patterns … ya know all the things that make designs. I will then put all that information in my noggin and design you something totally all your own!

Important! I will not copy an existing logo for SL or RL under any circumstances. I use references provided for inspiration and to get the creative juices flowing. I am a pretty sharp kitten, if I sense you are trying to trick me into anything, your order will probably be cancelled. I don’t run a shiesty business. I have a reputation and business model to uphold. There is not one person on this platform that could make me sway away from my own work ethics and morals. Period.

I am seeking serious inquiries only. Prices are public. Portfolio is public. We are accessible. Questions are welcomed.

Please contact Savage Bunny in SecondLife if you have concerns or if you want to check if something is acceptable. We are here to help in any way we can.

Thank you!

Toxxic Rhiannyr
Savage Bunny – Assistant