Ordering Artwork

Hi everybody! I have been receiving some weird conversations lately, so I just want to touch on the ordering process… process lol. So upon filling out my order form, that motion doesn’t guarantee you a spot on my schedule. There is a sequence of things that have to happen before you are placed there. Most important thing to know, I don’t hold spots without deposit. So if you haven’t paid anything, your order is NOT being worked on.

After filling the form out, my assistant will reach out within 24 hours. Kynziii will leave you with my cards to fill out. One is a checklist, the other allows you to leave me more details. Filling out the detailed card helps out a ton in consultation. Often I can generate a base idea, so when we meet, I can just confirm my understanding of your thoughts and we go from there. If you are unsure of the kind of designs you are needing, its ok! I am here to help. You can keep the detailed note and use it as a guide to things we will discuss in consult. 🙂

This is really important to ordering artwork, TURN THE NOTES BACK IN! If you don’t turn the notes in or keep a open line of communication with Kynziii, you won’t get on the schedule. This is the part a lot of entries are missing. Kynziii will send a IM and note, twice before moving on to the next person. If you don’t respond, your entry moves further down the waiting list. I hope you can understand, that I am running a business and I have to cater to people who are ready to chat. So its really important that you respond quickly to ensure a spot is saved for you.

Once the cards are turned in, Kynziii can estimate a wait time or schedule a meeting if spots are open. If you are booking a spot, a non-refundable fee of 5,000L is due to secure the slot. Please do not pay this without confirming with Kynziii first. At this point, you either wait for Kynziii to reach out again or wait for your scheduled meeting with me. And done!

I constructed this process to be accessible, easy & quick. I know your time is valuable, as is mine. Your order is super important to us and we appreciate your business. We just ask that you cooperate and follow the instructions given to ensure a smooth ordering process. If you are a lost soul and are not sure what is happening with your order, please contact Kynziii. She doesn’t cap. She logs in a couple times a day and has cookies! Go talk to her! Please refrain from contacting me, coz I just work here, I don’t know anything lol.

For real life orders, please email me at toxxic817@gmail.com. Real life rates apply. *shakes finger*