New Brand? Revamp?

I would say 50% of my potential clients are in one of the above situations and they want to order a new look, but have no idea what to start with. Each situation is pretty different in my opinion and I want to explain my thoughts too in this post.

New Brand – A package for a new brand would consist of logo design, mesh logo design, gift card design, social media banners and vendor layouts. The gift cards would depend on if you have a vendor system or not. If not, that can be left off. In my opinion this mixture of designs will get you on the right track to a solid image, ready for the world debut! Que the lights!

Revamping – Revamping an existing brand typically deals with the logo being re-designed. Then any product that shows the logo will get re-done as well. So these are really open to what the designer is interested in changing. I don’t have a set package in mind, aside from the above pieces as I think those are core.

New to Creating – This one is tricky. If you are new new, like 30 days & under. I would say, you aren’t ready for me. I feel like, it takes at bare min 6 months to get your feet wet in Secondlife. Learn the basics, socialize, research land, hang out ya know, get the feeling of the game before jumping in to create mode. I find that content creators from other platforms like to try and jump in SL like its all easy and shit. Its not!!! I will turn down requests for artwork when I find out you are Ruth noob lol. Not to be malicious, it really is for your own good that you take the time and learn the platform. I am not going anywhere, so I always tell people, come back in 6 months, I am happy to do business with ya!

If you have been in SL a while and you have finally decided to start a brand, See New Brand above. If you look through my portfolio here, you will notice almost every single package consists of at least those 5 items. The other stuff I design is nice to have, but I feel like they are special to situations and the type of store you own.

For Events – I always recommend logo design [square], poster design [designers / sponsors], mesh logo / sign and exclusive tags. That seems to be the formula commonly ordered by event coordinators.

At the end of the day, its up to you and what kind of budget you are working with. I get asked what the common pricing is for these kinds of packages and its just not something I can provide without knowing the design details. My public price sheet will show you where I start when estimating projects. You can calculate a ball park, but I would keep in mind that WILL rise.

I have designed some insanely huge packages with more than a dozen unique pieces. No formula there hahah. Budgets obviously control how many pieces can be ordered at a time, but I am flexible. I am ok with breaking an order up or working with payment plans if that makes it easier for you. Lower priority pieces can also be ordered at a later time. I keep every project on my external hard drive, so we can pick up where we left off anytime.

K, I hope this helps answer questions. Please understand I am not limited to anything above. These are just my core recommendations for the subjects listed. I am A OK with designing whatever your heart desires, so hit me with it!

Service List – Design – Logo – Mesh Logo – Mesh Gift Card – Poster – Store Signs – Mesh Social Media Icons – Applier / Texture / Unpacker HUDS – Vendor Layout – Social Media Graphics / Marketplace Graphics – Mesh Gift Boxes, Hangers & Price tags – Texture Price Tags – Mesh & Texture Words – Gacha Keys – Instagram Layouts & Icons – Calendars – Invitations – Special Occasions – Baby Shower – Birthday / RezDay – Wedding