Featured Art : The Crone


I’ve wanted to make a post detailing the process of orders for a while now. This could get lengthy, but I hope its a good demonstration to the work that I do and also help you understand that sometimes, its a process. I was hired to re-design a store image for the brand The Crone. The moment I learned the concept and saw visual samples for this project, I knew it was going to be a challenge yet SUPER fun to design. December & her team are awesome people and really worked with me through a hefty number of revisions for the logo design. We wanted it to be PERFECT! So I have made a series of visuals for this post. I just want to show off the logo design samples, even the ones that were rejected and outline the process briefly.

Often I get in orders where the client is easily frustrated with me because I didn’t impress them in the first round of samples. Honestly, it doesn’t always work that way. Once the client is frustrated and angry, that passes off to me and places a sea of doubt in my head. This mixture will kill an order, either the client tosses in the towel or I will simply walk away. These projects are EVERY bit of a work in progress. I hope this post depicts that.

So as you will see with these images, we went through A LOT of great ones, but they just weren’t hitting the mark. I hope you enjoy this post because, I just look at all this and really love the complexity, yet simplistic style and I’m just proud of my art in general. This one to me, is really next level and I thank December for wanting me to be a part of a new beginning. ❤

First off I start out with designing the logo concepts. In the case of this particular order, visual aid was provided in drumming up some ideas concerning style and theme to the brand. I visited the store inworld, researched her content and met one on one, in discord with December.

Once the first round of samples were delivered, we discussed what she liked and disliked about the presentations. I think all 3 were loved, but she wanted to combine some thoughts and see where that led. So I took #1 & #3 and married them 🙂 We took out the center parts to #3 and replaced it with most of #1. I am pretty sure you can click the images below and pull up a higher resolution image. The second round of samples are the combination of the two, but different placements of the blood drip. The blood drip was an element that was requested to stay in the image some how. So the decided upon version, turned out to be #1, from the second round of samples and I headed on to coloring. I will admit, I was not a fan of the full color versions. Against these others, I do think they are pretty, but I wasn’t hitting the mark on those. I got very stuck in love with the complete black and white versions of the logos, so I was pushing for those pieces of crack lol. Luckily, December was on the same wavelength and we decided to start tweaking those versions. I feel like that was a good choice, while in design, I consider all the situations in which a designer will use this image. Not only will it be issued just on a solid backdrop, its going on vendor ads, HUDs, posters, social media … etc. I shoot for an image that pops and I truly feel like the images on the final package are definite head turners.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this package and I think the clients are as well. I really appreciate the patience and clarity that this team of people had to assist in the brainstorming process and willingness to collaborate.     

Final Design Package

GIF references to 3D mesh objects