Full Permission : TOS

Full Permission : TOS

The following applies to all full permission templates sold inside Second Life.
Contents of said items may vary.
Please make sure to read descriptions on the listing.
I am not responsible for your misunderstanding or lack of attention to the posted terms.

♡ Full permission template
♡ Graphic File types: .psd, .png, .jpg, .ai
♡ Mesh Map types: ambient occlusion, normal, diffuse, specular and uv
♡ Mesh file types: .dae, .obj, .fbx, .bmp

Standard Contents: [Some listings will have more included.]
– Mesh Models
– Ambient Occlusion Map
– Sample Texture
– TOS Notecard
– Instant download card

[+] Please DO NOT resell textures, psd files or mesh models with full permissions!
[+] Please DO NOT resell them as is, be CREATIVE! Make them yours!

Allowed permissions : Either copy / mod or mod / transfer only!

[+] For commercial and personal projects!
[+] With modifications or to create derivative works!
[+] No refunds unless you have double purchased!

These files were designed and sold by Toxxic Rhiannyr.
Purchasing this item from anyone other than Toxxic Rhiannyr may lead to a DMCA.

– Modify textures and use them for a vendor display or decoration inside your shop or office!
– Attach a prim to show you are the creator and sell in your shop!

However you flip it, make sure you have FUN!!!

[+] OK for gachas, gifts and sales!
[+] No resell price limitations

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Toxxic Rhiannyr

Updated July 18th 2021