Hi guys! I wanted to type up a generic process sheet, so new customers have a guideline to how this all goes down. People tell me all the time, that my website is intimidating, I am scary, my assistant is daunting and this whole thing scares the poop out of them. No need for all that, its not soo bad. So I hope this page can clear up any of those high anxiety feelings, coz we are here to help you!

Step One:
You have looked through the site. You are familiar with my style. You see the products I create. You are interested! Sign me up!

Step Two:
Fill out the order form. Its a super simple sign up sheet. Name / Brand – Send!

Step Three:
Await a IM from my assistant Kynziii. She will be your first point of contact. She is lovely actually. She will give you a product selection notecard inworld, have you check off the items you are interested in. She will offer you 2 kinds of consultation methods. She will help you decide which of those is right for you. She will explain what happens in consultation and let you know EXACTLY what we will be discussing so you are prepared! After all that is said in done, she will then schedule you a consultation date, have you submit your deposit, friend me up and your GTG!

Step Four:
Your consultation date is approaching. You will receive a reminder card from Kynziii, 1-2 days prior to your meeting with me. If you have any questions at this point, please feel free to ask her. She is much faster at answering than I am. She has me on cell, discord, inworld and facebook. She will find me!

Step Five:
Consult day rolls around. I will contact you approx 10 minutes before our meeting. Letcha know Im grabbin snacks and getting files together. We then have a chat. I am flexible, we can do inworld voice, chat, discord voice, chat or even Skype if you prefer. In this meeting, I strive to receive as much information about your project as possible. We talk about fonts, colors, styles, layouts, themes. I like to see any and all visual material you have gathered. I am a visual learner, I prefer to see some sort of image samples or ideas that pertain to your thought process on the order. Its not required, but it surely does help.

Within our meeting, I will let you know if the order is something I can take on. I will issue an estimate for the order. If it clears with you, you can pay the 50% deposit that is required to place on my schedule. I will finalize the paperwork on my side of things and schedule a start date on my work calendar. Done!

My design process is typically as follows. I request 7-10 business days to design sample images or to process smaller orders. This allows me ample time for research, sketching, brainstorming and designing samples for your order. Please keep in mind, during this period I am still working on other orders as well. Once I have sample images prepared, I will contact you and present them. We then collaborate, if adjustments are needed, we make them, until we come to a image you are totally happy with. If you have additional pieces in your order, at this time I will place the project back on the schedule and get the rest designed up, with your final image. This process, typically takes a couple days. Once all the images have been finalized, your order is zipped up and emailed via Wetransfer. I will also issue a folder inworld, with any mesh work that was created.

You are done!

Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy!

On a slow month, my design process turnaround is 1-2 weeks. On a high volume month, its more like 2-4 weeks. So if you are on a time crunch, please make sure Kynziii knows this, so we can make arrangements to meet the time frame you need. Rush orders are accepted, 24 hour turnaround, additional fees apply.

I hope this lil post helps to ease some anxiety over placing a order.
We work really hard to make sure its a seamless process.

If you have any questions about this page or ANYTHING at all, please let my assistant know. 🙂

Toxxic Rhiannyr