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Sorry in advance for this post, but this girl is super over the petty games …

I just wanted to make a post about placing orders because I am having some issues with communication.

After you have submitted the order form, I will attempt to contact you in SecondLife first. If you fail to reply inworld, then I will attempt to contact you on Discord. I will only reach out to you a few times, if you do not respond, I will close all IMs, remove you from my list and move on. I do not chase people around begging for replies. By failing to respond to my attempts to contact tells me that you are not a serious client and I might ignore you from then on. Please, only fill out the form when you are ready to move on your order because I don’t have time to dance around.

Once you have been contacted, I will give you my availability which is typically Monday – Friday, 11am – 6pm SLT. I will ask you to choose a time / date that suits your schedule so we can meet and discuss your order. If you avoid this question and do not answer, I will remove you and move on. Its a very simple question. If you cannot answer this, imagine how a 2 hour long consultation will go with tougher questions. I leave the times open so I can accommodate your schedule, but again I am not going to sit here and pull teeth for an answer.

If you make it through the gauntlet of answering 2 questions and get to the meeting stage, you are expected to discuss your order in full details. Meaning, I need to see visual references to the kinds of designs you are wanting done. Do not assume I will just pull an idea out of thin air without any direction what so ever! Please review my Consultation Page for a full description to the types of things we talk about. Each consultation requires a non-refundable fee of 5,000 to book. If you do not show for your meeting, you do not get a refund and it does not roll over for another slot. You will have to pay again! If your order is not accepted for any reason, do not expect a refund for your consult fee. At that point something really bad has happened and I am taking that for my time spent.

Bottom line here, do not waste my time! Come correct! Take pride in your business and be professional! Please do not speak to me in slang or RP talk. If you RP a character in SL, I understand but leave that at the door and speak to me as an adult. I am not roleplaying. This is not a game to me, this is my livelihood and I conduct it in a professional manner.

All orders require a minimum of 50% down on the order to place on my schedule. In some cases CashApp and payment plans can be arranged.

Full transparency, if I catch a bad vibe from you, I am not interested and will simply move on without drama.

Please take the time to look over my website and get your shit together before contacting me. Its really ridic that I even have to make a post like this. Treat me as you want me to treat you because I am a toxic person and I will return your vibes in a not so friendly way. ♥


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