Service List

Its been a while since I posted my services list. This honestly changes without notice all the time! Some months are mesh heavy and it forces my turnaround times to extend, so at those moments custom mesh might be unavailable*. Its best to ask about the status in your consultation if you are wanting something specific done. If I can’t get it done, I for sure know someone who can. You can also refer to my Recommendations page for a list of other folks who offer commission based services.

Logo Design
Curated Color Palettes / Themes
Social Media Banners
[Facebook, twitter, Flickr etc.]
Marketplace Graphics
[banner / icon / ad layout / store design]
Mesh Logos – Animated or Static
Poster Design
Store Signs
[Mesh or Texture / New Releases / Group Gift / Store Policy etc.]
Store Signage
[Redelivery Screens, Offline Screens, Blogotex Access Points etc.]
Texture HUDs
[clothing, accessories, bodies, heads etc.]
Cosmetic Applier HUDs
[makeup, tattoos etc.]
Redelivery HUDs
Unpacker HUDs
Vendor Layout – no photography
Icons [Mesh or Texture]
Gift Cards [Mesh or Texture]
Business Cards [Mesh or Texture]
Clothing Hangers [Mesh or Texture]
Price Tags [Mesh or Texture]
Backgrounds [Vendor use]
Shopping Bags [Mesh or Texture]
Graphic Assets / Mockups
[Bubble Mailers, Cardboard Boxes, Bags etc.]
Social Media Icons [Mesh or Texture]
Envelopes [Mesh or Texture]
Mesh Store Assets / Décor
[Desks, Frames, Shelves, Hooks Racks etc.]*
Mesh Pose Stands*
Mesh Event Booths*

Newly added – This is a slow work in progress but I am starting to offer interior design / decorating services for store creation! I have a few clients now that I am working with to get a portfolio started for this service. I absolutely love to decorate and make store designs, I just don’t like to make products for them lol. So this will be a nice outlet for when I feel like opening a new store myself! I will just come and decorate yours! For now, this service is only offered to clients who purchase full branding packages, as I would like to match the aesthetics and keep it all cohesive with my work.

I do not offer scripting or photography services, however I can recommend people and also provide products that are commonly used in these areas.

I do not offer packages or bundles, however there is a common list of items that gets ordered by new stores. That would be Logo Design, Mesh Logo Design – Animated or Static, Poster Design [Store Sale], Social Media / Marketplace Graphics, Texture HUDs, Unpacker HUDs and Vendor Layout. In my opinion that is a package that will get any new brand started in the right direction.

Single item orders are accepted.
Rush orders are accepted for Poster Design & Mesh Logos only. 24 hr. turnaround

I will be transparent here. I do contract custom mesh orders to other designers when time / quality are important to a project’s needs. I do not specialize in 3D mesh creation and I know the areas in which I am super weak. The quality of your order is very important to me and I will not waste that on my lack of modeling skills. I excel in texturing, overall product creation / design execution and that is where my focus stays. First and foremost, I am a graphic designer and 2D is where my heart hermits.

I am not limited to anything above, if you have something left field or quirky to share, feel free! I am open for a challenge and I have no issues telling someone that I can or cannot achieve their expectations. Like mentioned above, if I can’t do it, I know someone who can.

Cool? cool. ♥


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