Slot Openings!

o/ Hey creepers! Does that work here? I think it dooooesss hahah … That is what I call my YT chat babies / lurkers, especially the lurkers lol! So, it’s been a minute since I have come and done an actual “blog post.” I have been very busy since opening my order form in Feb and my attention to social media as a whole just isn’t very active. I do livestream often, a lot lately because it helps to get work done as I have a small responsibility in entertaining my audience lol. Being live means I can’t binge Tik Tok or play Township lolol ♥ So I haven’t gone full daily streams but it’s close. So check me out on Youtube if you like long walks on the beach, sipping mimosas because we will dream about doing just that with you 🙂

Aside from custom orders, I did finally switch Paper Crowns & Vendetta to [TR]. I have completed my Gen 2 event booths series and I am super happy about that because I set a goal for myself and I reached it! *pats self* I quit on my Gen 1 line just out of frustration and being new to making that kind of content. So it feels really good to be on this side of the work. Its all switched over, new products are being released and this label is starting to feel complete! I have all my work, under one roof, one avatar and Toxxic is the queen of everything! jk, it is nice to have it all sorted and thank you for your patience with it ♥

So with all that wrapped up, I will start accepting more orders at the beginning of April! I am working through a waiting list! I have reached out to everyone already, through a postmaster note. If you are ON my form right now, check your note folders! My spammer will only send the note when you are online, so no offlines should be happening, unless you nose dived to crashville upon accepting the card 🙂 I will contact the long standing squatters first hahahah sorry I do call you squatters and just move down the line.

I am currently accepting orders [March 21-25] for single items, like posters, texture / unpacker huds and mesh neon / static signs, NOT logos tho [need smol break]. Anyone that tries to come at me with 2-5 item orders will be placed on the list! I just wanna work on fast turnaround projects until I finish every bulk order I currently have. I also just need a break! So I am pacing myself, I do not want to reach burnout! We save burnout for September lol

I feel like this kid, trying to climb this damn rope and all these fluffy puppies are weighing me down! lol I am so excited and incredibly humbled by my order form entries and the sheer amount of people who want to work with me! Its so fantastic! I just have to remind that I work alone and I cannot get to everyone like super fast! I am trying to speed up as far as turnarounds go. I do my best to reach out for conversations but timing, time zones, rl, sleep, other puppies, friendly puppies, stray puppies ya knowwwww it’s hard to juggle!

That’s all I got for now. I will link to all the important things below and let you get back to your SLife.
Tysm for supporting my content and reading this posty! ♥ Come say Hie on YT! ♥♥♥

[✧] Order Form
[✧] LinkTree

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