Idk what the deal is with SL and delivering offlines, IMs and note cards. Its been really unreliable for me, for a while now. So I have decided to take my communication to Discord. If you don’t have Discord, best get it! Its free and fairly easy to use if you are familiar with a chatting program. [i.e skype / yahoo etc]

Using Discord will solve a number of problems that I experience when communicating with customers. I feel like my response will be faster, as I have Discord on my phone and computers. I am never too far away. Messages do not get lost, ever. Even if you are not on my friend list, I will still see the messages.

Once we move to a meeting stage, I can create a group conference IM, you can add staff or colleagues to it and the chat remains open until we close it. You can easily drag & drop images, links or upload from your pc references. We can chat on voice or just text.

Its easy to use, reliable and accessible.

Feel free to add me Toxxic Rhiannyr#6505. Please let me know who you are in SL so I can add it to my notes. ty

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