Our public price sheet was taken down in July of this year due to being outdated. It is something that we have been working on and plan to release a new sheet at the beginning of 2021.

We create estimates on a per project basis. At this time, we do not offer packages. You can contact Kynziii and ask for a ballpark range for your order by telling her the items you are interested in having designed. Please be advised that she cannot give a final quote for your order. Only estimates given by Toxxic are final. The details of your order highly influence the price of it. We are willing to work in sessions or make payment arrangements if needed.

For a custom quote, please fill out the order form. Kynziii will be in touch to gather more information.

Each year the playing field changes. You as business owners are ever changing and we work hard to keep up with those moves so we can continue providing top notch, high quality graphic design services that you can be proud of. 

It is important to take the time and read over our TOS. This sheet explains our ordering, design, revising, and end order processes. We are happy to explain our procedures and policies, if you have questions, please contact Kynziii Resident by notecard.

Once spots have opened for the client list, you are contacted and offered available time slots to schedule a consultation. We like to meet with our clients and have a chat session regarding the details and ideas for the project at hand. In order to secure a consult slot, there is a non-refundable fee of 5,000L to be made. This fee applies to the order balance, in most cases. Fee payable to Kynziii upon order acceptance. 

If you are not available for our openings, a custom form can be created to gather information pertaining to your order. We would simply collect the items you marked off on the order form and create spaces for you to type details and slots to upload visual references. 1,000L for admin fee applies; non-refundable.

Fees: Under no circumstances do we work for free. Each project is calculated on an itemized invoice with lines designated for revision allotment, item quantities and specific details. All clients sign off on changes made to the order during production. There are no hidden fees. We work to be transparent and open with our clients to be sure they are ‘in the know’ at all stages of their order. 

Some projects are calculated at a billable hour rate and some are created as a bulk packaged order. Project details such as design level of difficulty, allowed number of revisions, ETA and deadlines, type of business are just a few things that are thoughtfully considered when creating custom pricing for your order.

For more documentation regarding services, please check out these posts:


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