Second Life Logo – Flickr Group

Hi guys!

I created a Flickr group with the intentions of gathering store / brand logos and have them easily accessible for advertising purposes. I want this to be a resource for event organizers, designers, bloggers and media outlets to obtain high quality images and be able to access store / brand information quickly.

I can only speak for myself as a hunt organizer, but one of the most daunting tasks is tracking down store logos. Often we are researching profiles, fallin to our death tping to outdated LMs, stressing over bothering someone, can’t locate people on social media agghg the terror goes on! lol So I hope you will find this group handy and are kind enough to add your logos to the pool 🙂

There are simple guidelines to what can be posted. Files types and sizes are at your discretion. If you feel your logo is being misused, please take it up with the party that is sharing it. The purpose of this group is to help the working people on this platform and I cannot be held responsible for what abusers do.

If you have questions, feel free to send them my way. 🙂

Toxxic Rhiannyr

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