Things you never say to your graphic designer

Things you never say to your graphic designer … and probably do.

I have made some additions that apply to SL mainly …

Client: “Unimpressed, I could have done that.”
Well if that was the case, why didn’t you? I personally think anyone could do what I do, if they had the patience, experience, time, creative mind and ability to be slapped in the face with that comment and not kick your head right off your shoulders. 🙂

Client: “I like rainbows, games, babies, stars, hearts, 8bit, retro, third eye cats, potions, elves, pixies, satan, death, angel wings, roses, dots, space, aliens, pentagrams, moons, fluffy cats, unicorns, magic, birds, giraffes, elephants, sloths, flowers, bumble bees, bunnies, skulls, vampires, fangs, clouds, rain, blood, grunge, kawaii, babygirls, metal, glitches, candy, lipstick and bubblegum! /me nods I want my logo to encompass all the things I love!”
I have 1 word for all that …. clusterfuck, well 2 words … no.

Client: “Are you done yet? Are you done now? When will it be done? I’m waiting …are you finished? Oh you just logged in, ding, Hi! Are you done?”
I provide a online tracker, so clients can follow the progress of their order and also you are given a estimated time of arrival at the end of your consultation. So this constant pestering is really not necessary. It applies unwanted, additional stress and it makes me nervous to design. Something I like about working for myself is, NOT having someone over my shoulder pressuring deadlines. I don’t need to be micro-managed. If I was finished, you would know, trust me.

Also, you don’t have to take all this so seriously. It comes with the territory and these are just funny things that I think all freelance designers deal with, no matter the art type. Is all this annoying? Yes, but I still love my job and I deal with all the above to the best of my ability.

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