I have updated my Terms of Service for 2020.
These conditions are effective immediately.
Terms of Service

In addition to these changes I have been working on the website for a couple weeks and lots of new features added. I made a video detailing everything I have been working on, if you dont want to read … check out the video & subscribe! https://youtu.be/heZaQ6jf7Z4

I would like to point your attention to the top of the screen to check out the Tools & Resources tabs. Resources is a collection of websites that I frequent to gather graphic elements, tutorials for modeling, substance painter or SL Resources from reputable companies. I get asked all the time where I should, where do I go for fonts, vectors and how the heck did I learn to model, so there ya go, questions answered! Inside the Tools tab, I have recently released 2 NEW Vendor Layout packages for you to download for free. This makes 65 templates for you to mod and play around with. Edit til your heart is content. I hope that they will spawn creative juices and provide you with content you can use! Also I added a package of FREE Social Media Banner sizes and took them off my service sheet.

Aside from those cool additions, there are NEW Gacha Machines at Paper Crowns. New Event Booths at Vendetta. New Poster templates, artwork packages and a full perm gift card template on marketplace. I was taking a break right? Phew! Lots of new features coming to the custom side of my business. HUD designs are being upgraded to a full kit of design elements you can use +++

I highly recommend you stomach my rambling video above to get the full scoop on what’s new & check it all out for yourselfie!

I am back to work on customs! Accepting orders for Feb – March. So if you are interested in getting something designed up, please fill out my order form and my assistant will be with you to discuss scheduling.


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