2 New Event Booths

2 New Event Booths at Vendetta!

Booth #18 & #19 are out!

Booth #18 comes with 2 versions, with & without photo frame. The frame is provided separately w/ shadow plane.
This booth is 13Li .. kinda high due to the pink voodoo swirly bit, couldn’t help it, had to make it XD AO Maps are included so you are free to texture how you please.

Booth #19 comes with 3 colors, red, blue and black. 4Li on these beauts. They were designed with a shoe creator in mind and more masculine. Something for the boys or modern store settings. AO Maps are included so you are free to texture how you please. On this booth the frame and shelves are NOT removable.

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As promised, here are some links to windlights that I have installed and my own windlight package. Enjoy!

Jay Battlescar’s Windlights 
Namiaekos Windlights 1
Namiaekos Windlights 2
Namiaekos Windlights 3
Satomi / FOXCITY
Toxxic Rhiannyr Windlights
Jadezilla Windlights
JuicyBomb Windlights
Runa’s Windlights

Jasmine Stardust’s Windlights

How to install windlights > https://strawberrysingh.com/tutorials/windlight-settings/

New Vendor Layouts!

I have posted 2 New Vendor Layout packs inside the Tools tab. These layouts are FREE to download and you can use them however you see fit! I created pack #3 with the usage of Marketplace Graphics in mind. Its trending right now to replicate the look of social media interfaces, so I designed a few different styles to satisfy those cravings. Pack #4 was created around pose, skin and shape stores as I’ve had creators asking for ideas on those products. If you have suggestions or would like for me to try and design layouts for a specific product, simply let me know. I will do my best to get that worked out for you.


Pack #3
Pack #4