New! Resources Tab

It’s been a popular request since like forever for me to put out a video regarding all the different resources that I use to design artwork, texture clothing, model etc. Well I never have time to do the video request, but I have taken the time to create a new tab on the website that caters to these materials. At the top you will now see a tab called Resources. This section has multiple pages that focus on several categories such as SecondLife Templates, Texturing, Vector / Graphics, Fonts & more! I will keep adding to this list as I make my rounds on the internet. I do want to point out, paying close attention to the licensing details for anything you are downloading, that is super important. All the resources listed are sites / stores that I have purchased and / or worked with in the past and I can verify all are safe links. When it comes to the SL Marketplace, it is hard to determine what is legit content and what is copybotted. Please notify me immediately if I have linked a store that does not sell creditable work. It can happen very innocently. Thank you so much for your suggestions for this type of content. I hope that my finds assist in your journey to creating content for SecondLife. ♥

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