Happy Holidays!

We wish you all a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year! Kynziii and I are now on vacation until we peel ourselves off the floor in the new year! TYSM for making 2018 such an amazing journey! I have so much in store for 2019, we are already booked solid til almost MARCH!!!! Its gonna be exciting! TY for your support! Be safe out there! See ya’ll next year!

Toxxic & Kynziii

53 Mesh Words for Creators!

Hi guys! I have created a package of 53 mesh words for creators to use in their stores! The words are 1 Li each, modify / copy and come with 2 textures [full permission / shadow & AO], so you can texture them yourself! No need to wait on lil ole me. Of course, if you insist that I texture a few for you, I won’t turn it down. I can add these to any custom order or texture them individually. The pack is 3,000L and I have placed it on the marketplace for easy access. I do know of some words that are missing, I discovered AFTER I finished, so if I end up adding to the package, a re-delivery can be sent.

Hope these help someone out there!

Find these lovely boogers here.