Black Friday Posters

Hi Guys! I am accepting Black Friday Poster designs from Oct 22-26th. Limited spots are available! If you are wanting to get a custom poster designed for your store, please fill the form and let Kynziii know the order is for a Black Friday Poster. In order for me to get these done quickly, I’m only accepting the poster designs, if you wish to order more items, they will need to be scheduled out.



Crews Now

I always get asked if I do artwork for real life companies as well and the answer is, yes I do! Here is some logo / icon work I just finished for an upcoming app that will allow you to find film crews in your area. If all goes well, I might be designing the actual application as well. Things to look forward too.

Daily Planner

Hi guys! So! I am trying something new! I’ve been looking for an online planner app, so I can share my work schedule with you all easier than tracking my Google Calendar. So I found the site Trello and have been using it for the passed couple days to see how I liked it. Turns out, I kinda love it and will probably at some point upgrade to the Business Level, so my team can work on it as well. So here is the link to my public boards.

You can easily see when I have consultations booked, scheduled orders, orders I am working on, orders that are paused and orders that are ready. I will probably add a couple more boards for specific situations later, but I really like the functionality that this gives me right now. It updates instantly and each tab is clickable for additional options / notes / comments about the order. Which I will update those frequently. I really like it and I hope you will find it helpful as well.

If something changes and I stop using the app, I will just close it down. Lets hope not, bc I am really enjoying this so far.