Price Estimates

Hi guys! I just wanted to drop in and make a post about pricing estimates. I quote each project on an individual basis. That means, if you are a returning customer, its likely your new order will differ in price from your previous order. I want to link my price sheet here, so you can bookmark it. These prices are starting prices for artwork. They will increase based upon what you are asking for in details. Its rare that a price for any product remains as it states on the sheet. These are bottom line, low detail, base projections. I consider a number of variables when estimating a cost for an order. Design details, time estimates, research, sketches, revising, designing, consultation, processing, all of this stuff is thought about when pricing an order. If you are ordering multiple pieces of artwork, if you need special instructions, if mesh is involved, any kind of rendering, animation, video editing etc all of these things take a ton of time to complete. We all know, time is money.

I will work with any budget, but I stand behind my prices. I do not haggle, I do not barter. I know I make this all look super easy, but nothing I design takes 1 hour or less. Nothing. On average a logo design will take me 6-8 hours to complete a set. Large store branding orders take me 2-4 weeks to complete. That is a lot of time and dedication to devote to your project and its super important to me to offer the highest quality in graphic design services. I’ve worked very hard on my portfolio and I am super proud of my client list and where its taking me.

I fully understand the responsibilities that you, the client have to consider. However, you are ordering custom design. I take great pride in my artwork and my abilities to provide you with an authentic piece that you can love and be proud of as well. All this comes at a cost. I am a professional and my work ethics are very important to me.

If you have questions about my services or anything covered in this post, please feel free to contact me inworld.
Thank you,

Toxxic Rhiannyr

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