Hi guys! TYSM for visiting my portfolio! I hope you are enjoying all the new designs coming out.

I just want to touch base about consultations and remind you that keeping your commitment to consult is REALLY important! My assistant sends a reminder note a couple days before your scheduled meeting in case you forget your dates / times. Missing a consultation will push your order back to the end of the schedule. IF something comes up, please notify either myself or Kynziii prior to missing a meeting. That way we can move orders around or create room to work you back in. I want to remind, that consultation deposits are non-refundable.

I also want to introduce a new method of conducting consultations. Due to hectic schedules and RL holding our time hostage, we have started to offer a notecard questionnaire in place of a one on one meeting. The Product Questionnaire will only benefit clients that know exactly what they want in the design category and can explain it well enough in text for me to form ideas from.

Upon filling out the order form, my assistant will contact you and request you fill out the Product Selection form. This form allows us to fully understand what it is you would like to order. Upon receiving this form back, she will then offer 2 methods of conducting a consultation.

Booking a one on one consultation with me for a later date. A consultation non-refundable deposit of 5,000L is required to schedule this type of meeting.


You can choose our new method which is filling out a Product Questionnaire note card. The questionnaire is a series of questions tailored around the products you marked off on the Selection sheet. These are the same questions I would be asking in a one on one consultation. I request that you fill this out with as much information as possible. Leave me example links, colors, fonts, styles, themes etc and return the note to Toxxic Rhiannyr. Once I receive the note card, I will review it and be in touch if consulting is needed. If I have enough details to calculate an estimate for the order, I will do so and return with a quote and next available new order date. Processing fees do apply for this method of order taking, it is applied to the order estimate.

I do not recommend the Questionnaire method for clients that are on the fence or have no idea what kind of design they are wanting. I suggest those clients to book a consultation meeting with me for a later date. I am hoping that our efforts to offer this new method, will expedite waiting times and allow us to schedule orders more efficiently.

I do want to make a disclaimer. The new method is by no means a tool for us to rush your order. I know these kinds of projects take a TON of time to conduct, collaborate and create. I am merely trying to make it easier for clients whose time is limited and give a solution to recent issues of people not showing up for consultation due to time. I hope that if you choose the notecard method, it gives you more time to brainstorm your ideas, as you have all the time in the world to fill it out. I hope that it at the very least gives you ideas on what we discuss in consultation meetings and help you understand WHY they take so much time. Its meant to help you, not hinder you. So if you receive the card and decide its not the method for you, please let Kynziii know and she can schedule you to meet with me.

Kynziii and I are working very hard to get in contact with everyone on our waiting list. We are experiencing high volumes of orders and our wait times are extended. I am pretty confident in stating that in the next few months, orders will take me 2-4 weeks to complete.

We strive to evolve with the needs of our clients to the best of our ability.

TYSM for your patience and business.

Toxxic & Kynziii


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