Touching Base

Hi Guys! I just wanted to make a post to touch base and let you all know whats happening behind the scenes here. Currently I am not accepting any new orders. I have a couple waiting lists forming for September / October. I have had a death in the family and its really shook my life up quite a bit. So, I am working a lot slower than usual. My husband just got home yesterday, he has been back and forth traveling between Texas and Florida. I do really appreciate everyone’s inquiries about artwork and hope you can be patient with me, but I do understand if you have time constraints and cannot wait it out. Right now, I dont have a solid ETA on when I can get to orders placed within the last month. I am pretty backed up on work I’ve accepted. On top of all this, I do have some large quantity orders that were accepted to be designed in Aug / Sept / Oct. So with those locked in, I am working around them as best as possible.

I do ask that if you have filled out the form and cannot wait for my slow ass, please notify my assistant Kynziii so we can remove you from our list. If you have special circumstances regarding your request, please also let her know this, so when we are looking at the schedule and time, that can be considered.

Lastly, please be nice to her. I have to be very honest, if you are rude or diva’esk with her, she will drop the order. I wont tolerate that kind of behavior. Your orders are very important to me, but really, if you cant work with my assistant, I’m not interested in working with you. She is 1000% nicer than I am lol.

Aside from all this, I thank you very much for your interest in my work. I wish I was a machine and could accept everyone, but I’m not, so all I ask for is patience and if we can’t link up now, hopefully we can in the future. Thank you!

Toxxic Rhiannyr & Kynziii

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