Touching Base

Hi Guys! I just wanted to make a post to touch base and let you all know whats happening behind the scenes here. Currently I am not accepting any new orders. I have a couple waiting lists forming for September / October. I have had a death in the family and its really shook my life up quite a bit. So, I am working a lot slower than usual. My husband just got home yesterday, he has been back and forth traveling between Texas and Florida. I do really appreciate everyone’s inquiries about artwork and hope you can be patient with me, but I do understand if you have time constraints and cannot wait it out. Right now, I dont have a solid ETA on when I can get to orders placed within the last month. I am pretty backed up on work I’ve accepted. On top of all this, I do have some large quantity orders that were accepted to be designed in Aug / Sept / Oct. So with those locked in, I am working around them as best as possible.

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